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April 15, 2018
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3 Channel Trends to Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business

“You must become empowered with the latest technology to set your sales and service teams up for the greatest success.”

It’s no surprise the manufacturing industry has one of the most complex selling models. With a rapidly changing sales environment, keeping up with the times in the current market can make it difficult to maintain a competitive edge.

As more manufacturers shift from their legacy selling models, which were based on in-depth product knowledge and relationship development, they are finding the importance of to-partner marketing, sales development, and so much more.

We’ve discovered a few trends to revolutionize your manufacturing sales and increase revenue growth:

  1. Update Your Selling Model –  Get on track with industry trends by paying attention to your own analytics and benchmarks. The best way to analyze your future ROI is to look at your past. You must learn the industries best practices for portfolio expansion, spending on sales metrics, and revenue ratios to optimize your investments. Gain the greatest amount of leverage by unlocking your company’s maximum customer revenue potential.
  2. Investigate Best Practices – Forward-thinking manufacturers no longer rely solely on the quality of their products to win deals. You must become empowered with the latest technology to set your sales and service teams up for the greatest success. This means expanding the use of platforms beyond CRM. Implementing the latest PRM and Marketing Automation platforms can give your company the competitive edge it needs to surpass expectations.
  3. Optimize Your Data – When it comes to partner data, it is vital to know your partners inside out. Find out who is performing best and what systems they prefer, then optimize your marketing programs to align with your partners selling solutions. Next, look at your customer data and find out which campaigns they prefer from your partners. Compare analytics and determine why certain content resonated deeper than others, and use the data to create a deeper connection with customers.

For more information about modernizing manufacturing, watch ARO, Ingersoll Rand’s Customer Case Study with Impartner and find out how the implementation of our PRM transformed their partner experiences and helped bring their manufacturing company into the 21st century.