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May 9, 2018
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How to Prepare an RFP to Power Your Channel

“CRM solutions are built for direct, one-to-one sales, and not multi-touch channel sales.”

Vendor proliferation is something that every company works to manage. In today’s credit-card swipe technology buying environment, it’s easy to end up with too many solutions that don’t integrate well and result in siloed data.

The opposite is true as well. With big vendors like Salesforce, which serves as the CRM platform for the large majority of corporations, the temptation from IT is to insist business-unit buyers use other affiliated technologies from Salesforce. It seems easy because they are “already an approved vendor,” and another solution is just a box check.

When it comes to PRM – Partner Relationship Management – this is one technology where channel managers need to push back. CRM solutions are built for direct, one-to-one sales, and not multi-touch channel sales.

It may sound tempting on the surface to not go through the effort of vetting other solutions in the market and go with Salesforce Communities (Salesforce’s PRM solution). We’ve found numerous companies are doing RFPs and turning to Impartner PRM, the best-selling, most award-winning pure-play PRM in the world.

Besides being born for the complexities of the indirect channel, here are three key reasons why you should choose Impartner:

  1. Impartner PRM does NOT require a 3rd party implementer – because Impartner does all the work
  2. Our PRM deploys in as few as 14 days, vs an average of 9 to 12 months with other companies
  3. Impartner charges by partner, not partner member, costing about 8 times less than Salesforce per year
  • Don’t let those “free” license years fool you, you’ll end up paying the price after 12 months

Xerox, Fortinet, Sophos, and other leading corporations have turned to Impartner PRM to power their channel for those reasons and more. We are so sure we’ll be your first choice after you take a second look, we’ll help you with your RFP:

  • Click here if you want us to help fill out your RFP.
  • If you’re just getting started, click here for an RFP form for you to collect your information.

Impartner: #RFPFodder at the start, the choice of world-leading corporations in the end.