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July 27, 2018
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3 Tips to Working Smarter, Not Harder

“On average, a company can take six to 12 months to build a homegrown portal. “

If your current partner portal isn’t helping optimize your partners’ performance, it is likely costing you money and time. Wouldn’t it be nice if that time you are spending building a portal could be distributed to a cause that could improve your sales and in turn make you more money?

We want to improve your company’s workday! Below we have provided insight into why building your own partner portal will only contribute to the ‘work harder’ model, and how investing in a PRM solution can advance your company sales right now.

1. Stop Wasting Time

On average, a company can take six to 12 months to build a homegrown portal. This means several departments in your own company are taking time away from their everyday duties, which contribute to your bottom line. With workflows and field information fully integrated into the system, the level of effort essential to managing a PRM solution would require the work of one full-time employee.

2. Stop Wasting Money

Portals need infrastructure – servers, security, configuration, redundancy, and availability, and that is just the beginning. Consider for a moment, what it would cost to build, host, and support a portal that managed thousands of partners around the world.

3. Stop Creating Chaos

There is much more to a partner portal than just a website. Decide now, to implement proven strategies and effective structure for your channel programs. The value of your company should reflect in your partner portal. Utilizing an expert will save you time by applying best practices which will ultimately accelerate your indirect sales.

In a world of DIY and instant gratification, building your own portal may seem tempting. The outcome isn’t worth the execution time, the risk of poor integration, or the loss of focus on your teams. Do your own research and find out how you can have a PRM tool up and running with a complete partner portal in as few as 14 days. Click here for more details.