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How to Deliver Targeted Newsletters to Thousands of Partners

“If your engagement is decreasing, you aren’t getting ahead of your competitors.”

Delivering targeted newsletters to thousands of partners is not only expensive, but it’s also time-consuming. Find out how you can deliver targeted content to your partners on your schedule, with just one click.

Common Targeted Newsletter Issues

Most companies manually deliver several newsletters each day to targeted audiences. Segmenting your partners to deliver the right content use to be the only model to achieve this. The trouble is, most partners fall into more than one category, resulting in the possibility of multiple newsletter sends, often receiving duplicate information. The result tends to be a significant decrease in engagement.

On top of decreased engagement, the amount of time this task requires can consume valuable time. Consider approval times, translations, coding and formatting. The turnaround would be incredibly slow and the result could be delivering old content that was no longer relevant.

Growing Pressures for Partners

If your partners work with other vendors, managing and engaging with their content and competitors can be challenging. The goal is to create content people want to read.

If your engagement is decreasing, you aren’t getting ahead of your competitors. Your partners are your most strategic asset, and the content you deliver is essential to keeping them informed.

There’s a Better Way

News on Demand allows your company to create a 100% targeted newsletter that can be sent to every partner. The partners select what the content they are interested in, delivery time and frequency.

The software will intelligently create a newsletter based upon their preferences. What’s particularly beneficial is the lack of HTML coding needed, simply upload articles and select a category.

Increase engagement levels and open rates today! Click here to find out more about Impartner’s News on Demand solution.