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How Partner Automation Gives FireMon Extra Punch in Cybersecurity

PRM technology provides cybersecurity company scale, nimbleness and advanced capabilities

By T.C. Doyle

Channels run deep at FireMon, a provider of an agile network security platform that is growing in popularity among world leading enterprises that depend on rock-solid connectivity. How deep? Very.

Born from within an innovative tech channels company, FireMon is today a 100% channels sales-based company.

With that kind of pedigree, it’s no surprise that FireMon understands the value of partner automation technology. From its earliest days, it worked to automate partner interactions and activities at every turn. But with its focus consumed with the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape, its limited function partner automation platform wasn’t able to keep up with the company’s growth. It also left the company vulnerable to a single point of failure.

That is until it switched to Impartner Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology.

“The tool allows us to look and feel bigger than we really are,” says Alex Iversen, Director of Field and Channel Marketing at Dallas-based FireMon. Iversen has worked at the company for six years and was recently named by award-winning trade journal CRN to its 2021 Women of the Channel list.

In her time at FireMon, Iversen has seen first-hand how effective automation can help an organization better scale key activities with regards to channel management including onboarding, tiering, training and education and more. She, personally, is very excited about the next evolution in partner support, through channel marketing automation.

“It’s super important to have tools in place to access our materials that are simple to use and simple to consume,” she says.

With Impartner technology, FireMon was able to significantly reduce out-of-date materials shared with customers, increase brand compliance and scale campaigns more effectively. It was able to create “one single source of truth” for its asset library. This enabled the company to scale its support from very larger resellers that run multi-tiered Marketo campaigns to small partners that focus on regional email marketing efforts.

In this new “Lessons from the Edge” video with Impartner Channel Evangelist T.C. Doyle, Iversen talks about FireMon’s footprint in the channel, its leverage of automation technology and the unique perspective it has on cybersecurity thanks to the fact that some of its largest partners are also some of its biggest customers. (For more on some of them, be sure to check out the “Ignite Partner of the Year Award Winners” recognized by FireMon in May 2021.)

Also in this LFTE episode: Iversen muses about buying and flipping houses. But given how volatile that world is, Iversen prefers to focus on something more safe and predictable… like cybersecurity.

It’s true.

If you’re wondering how PRM technology could help your company scale as much as FireMon, sign up for an Impartner demo today.

T.C. Doyle is the Channel Growth Evangelist at Impartner, the leader in channel management and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology. A journalist, book author and analyst, Doyle has worked in media for three decades. As channel evangelist, Doyle produces podcasts, case studies, e-books and more for Impartner. Doyle can be reached at