Why Don’t We Treat Partners Like Our Internal Sales Teams?

As a PRM vendor, we are sensitive to things that help partners successfully sell, service and support a company’s products.  That’s why it always surprises me when companies treat their partners like second class citizens or worse. If you want to grow your partner network, and have it produce the revenue it should, you have to provide resources to partners just like you would a direct sales team.

Resources both direct sales teams and partners need to succeed:

  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Product Sales Materials
  • Product Marketing Materials
  • Technical Resource Availability (SE’s where appropriate)
  • Leads or Marketing Programs to Generate Leads
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Sales Goals
  • Quota Accountability
  • Financial Incentives
  • Pricing Flexibility – Meet Comp., Special Pricing Authorizations

This is not an exhaustive list but a good start.  If you have an existing partner program or are planning to implement one, I encourage you to think about these and any other resources you make available to your internal sales teams.  Then I encourage you to reflect  on what you are providing or going to provide to your partners.  Is there a disparity?  Why?  Could you sell with what you are providing to your partners?

If you can answer these questions you will be that much closer to empowering your partners to successfully sell, service and support your brand in the marketplace.

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