Marketing Communication Secrets

Many marketers never seem to connect with their prospects and customers. Some simply never do the persona work necessary while others get that far and then fail in how they talk to those that pay their salary. It’s important to get the how you’re going to communicate right before deciding what you’re going to tell them. This may seem counterintuitive. But if you want to create content that will resonate and help you engage, you need to be very aware of how your communication perspective influences buyers.

Communication Secret #1: It’s Not About You, Stupid

Over and over again, companies talk about themselves like their buyers already care about them. They don’t. If you have content that is more about your accolades, your executive team, or full of ego stroking language with buzzwords only your employees understand, you’re not connecting with buyers. You’re just confusing them or worse yet, turning them off to your company. Focus on buyer issues and talk about what you have to offer in those terms. It’s about solving their issues. Anything else and they’ll keep their money or move on to a competitor that cares to connect the dots when it comes to identifying solution value.

Communication Secret #2: Translate Your Speeds and Feeds

No one cares that your widget has a patented whatchamacallit. You’re only placating your CEO, programmers or service personnel at your company. It pays to find out how buyers talk about what you provide, speak the same language and organize information in a way that makes sense in the context of solving their problems. Stay away from technobable when it comes to your marketing language and put things in terms your buyers will understand. 

Communication Secret #3: Talk to Them, Not Around Them

In college, they teach you to communicate in generalities. That’s great for research-driven studies and analysis. But if you talk around buyers instead of directly to them, they will lose interest. If you want to reference the industry and buyer issues in general, great. It can be a powerful tactic that transitions into 2nd person language, which addresses buyers more intimately. Buyers have to feel that what you have will work for them specifically. 

The Wrong Way

Here’s an example of what not to do:

Company X is led by Dr. Boring and accomplished associates that have won all sorts of awards. It has a patented widget with revolutionary new AccelStream™ technology that breaks industry barriers related to solving packet loss in the current Internet protocol environment. This technology can be deployed across 98% of access modalities.

The Right Way

Here’s an example of more direct, customer-focused effort:

Faster is better when it comes to downloading the music, movies and other content you love. With a small one-time download, you could be getting what you want twice as fast. AccelStream™ works for virtually all computers, smart phones and tablet computers you have and is free to download. It’s smart technology that lets you enjoy more of life.

Different? Absolutely. If these secrets are new to you, start implementing them in campaigns and then move to address website and collateral deficiencies. If you are already familiar with the concepts, review you communication at least quarterly. It’s easy to fall back into bad habits when time and company pressures force you to move faster.

How have you been successful in connecting with buyers?

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