Content Marketing + B2B Sales Strategy = Success

While many B2B companies know the importance of content marketing, relatively few know how to properly integrate it into their sales strategy for maximum effectiveness. This is a situation often encountered by David Raab, veteran marketing analyst and principal of Raab Associates.

In a presentation given in conjunction with TreeHouse Interactive, David explained just how B2B businesses could integrate content marketing into their sales strategies:

Modify design processes

Many sales teams move their customers through a sales process, which is under constant review and revision as the team learns more about the customer and as the industry changes. As you design these processes and move customers through them, check if there’s any available content that can help influence the customer’s decision—whether promotional or educational.

But how can you know for sure if you need to create something from scratch or if you already have useful content available? By…

Creating a shared, searchable content repository

If you want your sales team to take advantage of your content, you have to make it readily available. That means a searchable, shared, and up-to-date library of every piece of content you create. The easier your content is to access, the more likely your sales team is to use it.

Integrated content planning matrix

Remember the first point, about modifying the design of your sales process? Well, you can do it the other way around, too. Take a look at your sales process and make a note of which steps need more content coverage. The fewer gaps you have, the better!

Track responses

Do your leads find your content useful or not? How does it affect their buying decisions? Tracking responses is critical to keeping your content relevant and timely. Have your sales team inquire about the content or send a quick survey.

Visit the TreeHouse resource library for the on demand presentation.

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