The Next Generation of PRM Has Arrived

Notice anything new about TreeHouse Interactive today? We’ve changed, well…everything!

Welcome to our new name, our new branding, our new company…and a disruptive new PRM technology that changes the game for this fast-growing industry.

Moving forward, as a reflection of the critical role partner portals and PRM play in imparting critical information to partners, we’ve now officially switched to our new name, Impartner, which reflects that combination. Along with it, we hope you’ll like our new contemporary look and feel, which evolves today right along with our technology.

This isn’t just a change in name. Today truly marks a new era in the PRM industry.

Let’s face it, this industry isn’t new. We’ve been around for a while, and together with other competitors, we’ve been driving the industry forward step by step.

However, like any technology play, the big leaps come not when the early adopters have had their fill – but rather, market transformation happens when the technologies get modularized into products a broader market can adopt.

Today marks that day for PRM. With the launch of Impartner PRM, we announce the industry’s first truly modularized solution that takes PRM into the broader market. We’ve made the process so simple and so non-disruptive, that in three simple, yet highly engineered steps, we can help customers choose, purchase and deploy an enterprise-class PRM solution in just 30 days.

We’re excited about this day for Impartner, but we’re more excited about what we can do for the PRM industry and meeting what is fast-becoming an insatiable market demand to transform the customer journey.

If you sell through indirect channels, the front door of your relationship starts with your partner portal. In 2015, great products but a poor customer experience can make or break your business success and drive your partners to other vendors.

If you’re facing organizational barriers in getting your team aligned around transitioning your partner portal, to help you make your case and get your team in action, check out our new eBook, “The No. 1 Reason Your Partners May Love you Anymore…And What To Do About It.”

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Join us today in transforming your partner relationships.

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