The Secret to Accelerating Indirect Sales Is Out: PRM

The term PRM seems to be everywhere. You may be hearing it helps you accelerate your indirect sales, maintain your brand integrity, drive more value out of the leads you provide to your partners, and create a better partner experience that helps you attract and retain the best partners.

Those things are all true and more. The PRM (Partner Relationship Management) industry, while not new, is fast emerging as one of the most critical technologies for companies wanting to ensure they’re accelerating their indirect sales.

As the industry gains traction and more and more companies search for a solution that best fits their business needs, we’ve partnered with sales tech thought leader Beagle Research to offer a new handbook on PRM. In this comprehensive guide, “The Secret Sauce for Accelerating Indirect Sales; A Definitive Guide to PRM,” Beagle outlines what PRM is, who it’s for, what the selection pitfalls are, how to buy it and how to implement, including the following key reasons why companies need a PRM including to:

  • Distribute sales leads
  • Enable partner to market their unique value-added solutions
  • manage sales and discounts to the partners
  • Train and certify partner staff
  • Distribute complete and accurate content
  • Assign and regulate lead flow in territories so that partners are not necessarily competing with each other in a price competition that leads to a death spiral.

“Channel operations offer a unique business model that relies on free and secure information flow between vendors and partners. In 2015, if you’re selling through the channel and not using a PRM solution, you risk leaving partners unsatisfied with their experiences and leaving money on the table,”

said Denis Pombriant, managing principal at Beagle Research.

For your comprehensive guide to PRM, download the digital handbook.

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