If the Time Has Come to Redo Your Partner Portal: Resist the Urge to BYOP (Build Your Own Portal)

As more and more companies realize that re-doing their partner portal is critical to transforming their partner relationships and accelerating their indirect sales – the hunt begins for the right Partner Portal/Partner Relationship Management solution.

Very often, with a host of technologies already on board around deal registration and marketing development funds, plus sales, marketing and IT teams in the decision-making mix -- the temptation is to “Build Your Own Portal (BYOP).” Unfortunately, most companies fail to understand the complexities of integration and mistakenly think another technology platform, is ‘harder, not easier’ for their IT team to integrate.

The simple message for those teams, is, “Beware.” BYOP is a Sirens’ Song that can take months longer and thousands if not millions more than simply turning to a turn-key SasS solution that pre-engineered for companies to customize, climb in and start driving their business.Click here, for a new infographic to help those integrated teams resist the BYOP temptation.

“In today’s market, why would you invest the organizational time and IT resources to build something that’s already built with industry best practices,” said Dave Taylor, chief marketing officer of Impartner.

“It is the age of the lego-ization of IT. All the pieces of the IT puzzle must 'snap' together. Internally developed 'bespoke' software is actually a decelerator to business. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to Partner Relationship Management (PRM). SaaS-based technology like Impartner’s means that when you finally redo your Partner Portal, there is a solution that is pre-built and you can simply personalize it and ‘snap’ it onto your existing IT infrastructure and move on.”

Heeding these words of caution is key to reducing time to market, which is especially critical when it comes to PRM. When companies sell through partners, typically 80 to 100 percent of their revenue goes through the indirect channel. Their Partner Portal is THE front door to their business relationship, and if it’s out of date, hard to use and not accelerating indirect sales, the typical 6 to 12 months it takes to custom build a portal is a business lifetime that’s leaving money on the table for partners and the company organization.

For companies ready to resist the Sirens’ Song – Impartner is ready. Impartner PRM is the industry’s only turnkey solution that can deploy an enterprise-class Partner Portal in 30 days, using the company’shighly engineered, three-step Velocity onboarding process.

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