Purpose Built PRM Solutions Trump Those from CRM Vendors in Time and Cost to Deploy

Purpose Built PRM Solutions Trump Those from CRM Vendors in Time and Cost to Deploy

When technology decisions are at play within a corporation, the normal and reasonable question, is whether any existing solution that’s already in house, also has the technical functionality to handle the task at hand.

Very often, that’s the case for corporations who are looking at Partner Relationship Management solutions to upgrade their Partner Portals. Most, already have a CRM solution in house, which is a critical part of a strong channel foundation, and many of those CRM vendors also offer PRM solutions.

Unfortunately, while it’s tempting to consider a CRM company’s solution, you’ll quickly find they are not as quick, easy and cost effective to implement nor as feature complete as a PRM. Unlike a CRM, PRM solutions are 100 percent focused on servicing partners and helping you manage partner relationships -- versus end users.

In addition, while CRM companies and IT departments may know a lot about web development and SaaS architecture, and be experts at setting up websites using open source tools like WordPress or Drupal, there is so much more to a Partner Portal than just the website. You need to engage with a company who can offer proven strategies for structuring an effective channel program, and then echo those in a Partner Portal. The value a true PRM company brings is less about the web development and much more about implementing best practices to accelerate your indirect sales.

As you evaluate your PRM solution, consider these eight key reasons your CRM can’t masquerade as a PRM, which are summarized in this Impartner infographic.

If you’re ready to see what a turnkey, purpose built SaaS PRM solution can do for you – schedule a demo with Impartner. Impartner PRM is the industry’s only turnkey solution that can deploy a world-class Partner Portal in 30 days, using the company’s highly engineered, three-step Velocity onboarding process.

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