Real Time is the New Speed of Business: Are Your Channel Operations Nimble Enough?

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On a Tuesday in EMEA, Channel Chief Jeorge Patrel announced to his team he was going to reorganize channel operations in the European region to better capture shifts in market momentum. He broke out Eastern and Western Europe and also put a focused effort on the Middle East, where he could see a burgeoning pool of partners who were well suited to sell his SaaS-based solutions.

Until today, Patrel would have needed to work with his IT counterparts to recode his company’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution to adjust the system’s workflow to match his new organization. He would have either had to be talking with them weeks or months ahead of time to get the change underway…or suffer through weeks or months afterwards, while his coding teams could make the change. The first option means a high administration burden and a risk of not making the change, despite a clear market demand, because it can put changes like this in the “too hard pile” and cause hesitation that delays taking advantage of market opportunities. The second option, risks delays in taking advantage of the efficiencies of the new regional breakouts and confusion amongst the team with system data that doesn’t reflect the new org until long after the change is made.

End result: lack of nimbleness, lost revenue, lost opportunity.

As of today, that’s no longer an issue with the launch of our new Impartner Channel FlowTM workflow engine. With Channel Flow, we set out to empower your channel team with the PRM industry’s first solution that gives you the nimbleness you need to make changes like Patrel’s instantly, with clicks not code, and without the need for your IT teams to take their eyes off their key responsibilities. It’s now easy for your channel team to see and respond to trends and opportunities in the market in real time to match your business processes and evolve with your business needs – from routing leads and partner applications to building email notifications using our WYSIWYG editor.

The knobs and dials to manage your indirect channel in real time

This new workflow engine is a natural next step in the innovation we’re bringing to the market to accelerate your indirect sales. In the past year, we’ve continually packed our PRM solution full of telemetry and analytics that lets you see an unprecedented level of information about the performance of your indirect channel. Channel Flow gives now gives you “knobs and dials” to make tweaks and changes to your indirect channel based on that data – easily iterating your business processes and giving you one more level of control over your channel program and content.

Theresa Caragol, founder of the channel strategy firm, TCC Consulting, agrees speed is of the essence to take advantage of shifts in market dynamics. "Real time is the new speed of business," Caragol said. "As pressure mounts on the channel, processes and technologies that empower an entire channel team to see trends and then take action immediately without the need for multiple hand offs are the ones that will help companies be able to run faster, improve faster and outpace the competition. The ability to make a change that optimizes a business process instantly versus a few weeks—or more—can make or break a quarter."

Can you manage your channel in real time? Learn more about Impartner’s award-winning PRM solution and how we can help you accelerate your indirect sales and manage your channel at the speed of today’s business. See Impartner in action, view this interactive demo.

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