Security Cobblers Need Great Shoes: Impartner Lets Them Walk the Walk

The quest to provide an excellent customer experience rages on in corporations everywhere. For companies who sell through indirect channels, that quest is focused on their partners – their true customers. The competitive challenge is to ensure that their partners' journey is a strategic competitive advantage from start to finish – and the foundation is a powerful Partner Portal. Giants like Xerox and emerging tech companies like Tegile are reinventing their Partner Portals with commercially available Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions that allow them to harness the power of their channel and ensure it is a key differentiator and growth engine for the corporation.

A Higher Standard

For any corporation, the stakes are high when it comes to ensuring the solutions they chose are secure – including PRM. Unlike the proverbial cobbler who made quality shoes for everyone in town, neglecting their own children, companies on the security front lines, such as A10, Carbon Black and now Fortinet, must select and deploy SaaS solutions with the highest possible level of security. As security vendors it's only natural that their companies will be held to a higher standard.

At Impartner, that’s why we’ve built our PRM to meet the strictest security standards in the market – and is one of the reasons network and security companies from A10, Carbon Black, eSentire, LogRhythm, and Entrust, to Ixia, Rackspace, ViaWest and now Fortinet, can rely on us with confidence to provide a great partner experience and protect their most sensitive data.

What Makes Impartner So Secure?

For starters, we’re the only PRM vendor to meet the security standards necessary to be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange®. Other key security highlights include:

  • Three tiers of sandboxing, with two separate development environments, staging and production, for true data isolation.
  • Certifications for stringent security standards including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Burp Suite security testing.
  • Data exposure only through secure APIs and services with multiple abstraction layers.
  • Robust logging and auditing capabilities to ensure compliance.
  • Single and multi-tenancy combined into the industry’s ONLY hybrid-tenancy model, delivering instant security and product updates through its multi-tenant web app, and the ability to customize, through its single-tenancy partner-facing portal.

To learn more about Impartner’s security protocols and seamless network integration, click here. And if you’re in the market to reinvent your partners' experience with a new PRM and want the assurance that the solution you choose was also chosen by some of the industry’s top security corporations, click here and see how we can help you walk the walk.

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