The New Star on the Walk of Fame: PRM (Oh, and Impartner, too!)

The Oscars, the Grammies, the JD Power Awards, The Webbies, The Top Tech of CES, The Top XX of the Top XX – there are awards for nearly every industry, for nearly everything.

While awards add an air of excitement to any industry, regardless of topic or market, they all have a common fundamental role – helping identify what’s important, what’s hot, what’s new, what’s different and what’s better. After every awards event, the merits of the music, the films, the industries or the technologies are all both celebrated and debated.

In the past months at Impartner, we’ve had our own celebrations about a series of global awards for “New Product of the Year,” “Best Portal Technology,” “Channel Vision Award,” and just last week, the Frost and Sullivan “Customer Value Leadership Award” in the Partner Management Solutions Market. We couldn’t be more proud of the awards and the third party validation of the value we bring to our customers.

But what’s equally encouraging is that many of these awards for PRM are new, signaling that PRM as an industry is coming into its own as a market worthy of its own category, recognizing PRM’s growing impact on the success of today’s businesses.

Is it any wonder that PRM is the industry’s new ingénue that is drawing everyone’s attention? Just look at the facts:

  1. The indirect channel has climbed into the revenue driver's seat, replacing direct sales as the primary sales vehicle for businesses worldwide. 80% of revenue now goes through the channel in IT companies alone.
  2. 86% of partners pick their partnership based on ONE thing: the Partner Portal.
  3. Companies who adopt off-the-shelf commercially available PRM tools see an average of $8 million to $9 million in incremental revenue.
  4. Companies like Impartner client National Instruments have used the power of Impartner and PRM to increase their channel sales by 120% and their channel program Net Promoter Score by 30%. Their Partner Portal is the nucleus from which they drive their channel’s success.

Want to know more about how Impartner and PRM can make your channel program the star of your company? Click here for Frost & Sullivan’s latest report.

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