Indirect Channels Step into the Revenue Spotlight: Channel Chiefs Face Unprecedented Opportunity for Visibility – and Sleepless Nights

In 2016, the indirect channel has climbed into the revenue driver's seat, replacing direct sales as the primary sales vehicle for businesses worldwide. Analysts estimate that as much as 80 percent of worldwide Information Technology revenue already flows through the channel, and it is only increasing. As companies struggle to find and retain experienced enterprise sales executives, they almost inevitably turn to the indirect channel as the cost-effective solution to the problem of scale.

Inevitably, while this elevates the Channel Chief to an increasingly important role in most companies, it also raises the pressure to perform – resulting in insomnia for Chiefs as they search for solutions to take on today’s indirect sales challenges and win.

At Impartner, we’re proud to work with a network of channel experts who bring decades of cumulative channel experience working with and for companies such as Dell, EMC, Fortinet, Sun Microsystems, HP and Extreme Networks. In our newest eBook, “The Top 10 Things Making Channel Chiefs into Insomniacs, and What to do About It,” we’ve tapped into their collective expertise to provide insights and recommendations that will help Chiefs transform channel operations, accelerate indirect sales – and sleep peacefully. This eBook addresses the following key questions about the market today, including:

  1. Am I giving the right margin to the channel?
  2. Do I have the right number of channel partners?
  3. Does deal registration work for me (protect margin for partners)?
  4. Are my demand gen efforts impactful and do they work through the channel?
  5. Am I getting ROI on my MDF investments?
  6. Is my channel effectively closing leads on their own, or am I still spending my resources on closing channel deals?
  7. How loyal are my partners, and how do I know?
  8. Do I have the analytical tools needed to gain insight into my channel performance?
  9. Am I recognizing and incentivizing the appropriate partner behaviors?
  10. How is “cloud” changing the game in my channel business?

But there’s one more BIG thing

There’s no question that taking all this great advice into consideration will help Channel Chiefs set their partner programs on a path to success. However, at the end of the day, without updating to a contemporary PRM solution, you WILL lose out to competitors who have. Research shows that 86 percent of channel partners base their vendor selection primarily on the experience they have with the vendor's portal. Companies who adopt off-the-shelf commercially available PRM tools see an average of $8 million to $9 million in incremental revenue over companies who build their own or rely on portal technology.

A modern PRM solution is the single most important investment you can make in your channel program to truly harness the power of your partner network and ensure you have a nucleus from which to drive your channel's success. There is great power in a well-crafted portal. To learn more about how Impartner’s multi-award winning PRM solutions, can help you transform your channel operations, click here.

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