How Do You Pick From 3,874 Marketing Technologies? Choose the One That’s Worth $9 Million

As we head to Nashville to attend the SiriusDecisions Summit this week, we have one number stuck in our head: 3,874. That’s the new number of marketing technologies that are packed into this year’s new Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. There are endless permutations of solutions to help companies amp up their marketing stack and ensure they’re on the cutting edge of how today’s marketers can reach the targets they’re after. Some are proven, and some are not.

What we know is that this year the indirect channel has climbed into the driver’s seat for revenue generation – and technologies that help companies accelerate their indirect sales have never been more critical. Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology is that proven solution to drive performance, backed with a recent, startling stat: companies with a contemporary, commercially available SaaS based PRM solution generate an average of $9M in additional revenue a year versus companies without.

What then about a PRM solution is the secret ingredient that makes the difference to marketers specifically, beyond their ability to optimize the entire performance of a company’s partner network. It’s their through channel marketing capabilities: they make it easy for your partners to line up with you and amplify your marketing reach by 10s, 100s or 1,000s of times – all while keeping your brand intact. You choose the messaging and branding, your partners add their contact list and execute.

What’s equally important, is that by providing your partners with complete marketing automation solutions, you allow even your smallest partners to market like pros. While many large partners may have marketing departments, even more are small, 3 and 4 person shops who spend all their time and resources on sales, not marketing. This puts the burden of lead gen on you instead of putting the power of full marketing automation tools into their hands, while still keeping the branding firmly in yours.

So if you’re at the SiriusDecisions Summit this week, stop by Booth 239. Let us show you the power of how our through channel marketing capabilities, wrapped in the Industry’s most award-winning PRM solution, can amplify your marketing in a way that 3,873 other solutions can’t. Want a demo now, click here.

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