Where in the World Are Your Partners?

In the past year, a wave of next generation “Where’s Waldo” style games have swept the internet – challenging users to find everything from hidden snowmen to pandas. It’s a great way to idle away a few moments and a fun diversion.

Unfortunately, that experience is similar to the one that many companies are creating for their network of partners – causing frustration and leaving time and money on the table for everyone. Many of today’s partner locator functions only give partners visibility based on a limited number of aspects, such as the products they sell and the where they’re based geographically. Partners are lost in a sea of companies that all essentially “look the same.”

At Impartner, we know that’s not enough. We know that there are a multitude of different attributes that make partners critically different from another – and that making those differences visible makes it much more likely the connection will drive a sale. When end users are making a buying decision and can not only see a partner’s geography but also the verticals they serve and other specifics about their specializations, a “Tinder” experience becomes more like “Match.com” and much better relationships are created. Swiping right or left is simply no longer enough to make sure one business can truly meet the needs of another.

That visibility, is what has continually made Impartner Locator one of our most popular modules. Companies like National Instruments have deployed Impartner Locator to provide unprecedented detail to end users, and their partner locator now has over a quarter million unique page views a year. The company’s channel lead says, “We now have partners soliciting customer reviews and competing to be higher on the program level so they can show up higher on the locator and get more leads—so it's our self-fulling prophecy. Our locator really helped our partners be more visible and created an energy in the marketplace that's drawing new partners from places we didn't expect.”

That need to put a face on partner’s businesses is why we’re so excited about our launch this week of Impartner Locator for Salesforce Community Cloud users, giving them the same visibility which has made Locator one of Impartner’s most popular add-on modules. Impartner Locator easily configures with Salesforce Community Cloud and allows both vendors and partners to configure the searchability of partners by any attribute or field in Salesforce. Results display in both a list and an interactive map and features the ability for partners to personalize their listings with multimedia and even customer reviews, which can serve as a landing page for smaller partners without robust sites.

So, if you’re a Communities user and are heading into 2017 looking for ways to accelerate your channel revenue – make giving your partners unprecedented visibility. National Instruments doubled its channel revenue and increased its channel program note promoter score by 30 percent – and the visibility they provide to their partner is a big part of that.

Check out Impartner Locator for Salesforce Community Cloud on the AppExchange.

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