Channel Ready? Read Impartner’s Ultimate Field Guide to Starting a Channel to Find Out

The lure of starting a channel is an easy one to understand: indirect channels are an instant multiplier of a company’s “feet on the street” to drive dramatic revenue growth. This lure is stronger than ever with today’s new crop of fast-growing SaaS companies, who are struggling to find enterprise sales talent and at the same time keep up with the explosive growth trajectories most investment groups have come to expect.

As tempting as starting a channel is, however, the path can be a treacherous one and requires careful analysis to know if your business is ready, how to get started and best practices for success.

At Impartner, as companies evaluate our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technologies, we talk to thousands of channel teams a year, many of whom are only just thinking about starting a channel.

To help evaluate the opportunity, we’ve partnered with leading channel strategist Theresa Caragol, president of TCC Consulting to create the Ultimate Field Guide to Starting a Channel. She’s been there and done that with top corporations from IBM to Extreme Networks and sits on the board of leading channel organizations and media outlets and her experience shines through with years of experience in bringing channels to life.

What this guide is not, is a light list of bullet points, but rather, is a meaty, comprehensive, in-depth guide to truly helping companies evaluate the channel opportunity for their business and get started if indeed the analysis shows the opportunity looks solid.

So, click here to download your complimentary copy, grab your favorite giant mug of something warm, and immerse yourself in this instructive guide on how to make sure your company is thinking of moving into the channel for the right reasons, you are taking the appropriate steps, and you’re deploying the right initiatives early on to ensure long-term sustainable success.

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