13 Signs You've Made the Wrong PRM Decision

Oh #@*$!

Is this what you’re thinking about your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) purchase? If so, you’re not alone. The number of marketing, sales and channel technology solutions has sky rocketed, and so has the complexity of the buying decision…and often, companies aren’t making the right decision. If you feel like “something is wrong,” but you can’t put your finger on it, we’ve just released a new eBook to help you identify the “Top 13 Signs You’ve Made the Wrong PRM Decision,” which are listed below:

  1. No one owns the roadmap or updates for your custom portal - and it's falling behind.
  2. You've realized the resources for a build-it-yourself portal are beyond what was anticipated - and the project is stalling for lack of funding and bandwidth.
  3. You realize the demo positioned aspects of the solution as out-of-the-box, but it was over positioned - and it's going to require major customization.
  4. Your “good enough” functionality is proving to not be good enough — frustrating partners and/or causing you to lose credibility in the organization because you can't see and report the necessary metrics.
  5. When your PRM vendor has a product or a security update, it is taking weeks or months to get it.
  6. You can’t personalize your partner experience – it’s not tailored or unique.
  7. Your team finds it too hard to update the content on your Partner Portal and the content is not fresh.
  8. Your dot.com site is better than - and doesn’t match - your Partner Portal, the front door to your relationship with your partners.
  9. You have almost no insights into past success or future projections for your channel partners.
  10. Your portal can’t support today’s end-user journey.
  11. You have other solutions in your tech stack that don't integrate with your PRM — and you're losing insight because data is siloed and your partners hate having to sign into multiple sites.
  12. You have channel conflict.
  13. You only have visibility into a small portion of your channel revenue represented in your sales funnel.

Don’t be surprised that you see your problem or problems -- the inspiration for the book, was conversations with a multitude of potential new customers, who are frustrated with their PRM purchase and looking for a new solution. If you didn’t get it right the first time, you can certainly make the decision to ‘live with it.” However, in the case of PRM, which is the single most foundational technology investment companies need to make to optimize the performance of their channel, if you don’t have it right, you need to acknowledge it, pull off the bandage and move on to something that works for your business. Otherwise, you will fail to unlock the potential of your channel and fall behind your competitors.

To learn more, download your complimentary copy of our eBook. If you already see the signs your company has made the wrong PRM decision, take an Impartner demo, and learn how we help leading companies like Xerox, Conga, Ingersoll Rand, LogRhythm, Ciena and National Instruments generate an average of up to $9 million in additional revenue from their indirect channels per year.

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