To Whom It May Concern

"To whom it may concern..." Is that how you greet your partners on your partner portal? Of course not, you’re thinking to yourself, that would be crazy, right? Surprisingly, despite the explosion in the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) market, there are a tremendous number of companies out there who haven’t upgraded their partner portal technologies – and because they cannot personalize the experience for each of their partners who sign on – that’s essentially how they say hello to their partners.

If you’re one of those, you may be thinking – “Does it really matter so much, if ultimately, they can find the information they are looking for?” The answer is yes. Consumer-grade experiences with retailers like Amazon and airline frequent flyer sites, mean that most of us expect to be greeted by name, and given full insights into our purchases and offers that are available to us.

So what’s good enough in today’s market? Think in threes. If you cannot personalize your partner portal in at least three places or more, you are immediately at risk of “leaving money on the table.” Because you’re not able to optimize your digital conversations with your partners, you can’t convey the most important information when they visit your portal, and you’re at risk of having them leave you for vendors who make it easier to drive value out of your mutual relationship.

When your partners sign in, they should be greeted by name, see what next steps they need to take to be onboarded, be able to see their status and what would take to bump them to the next level, get info on new products, see what incentives and special offers are available to them, view their leads, see what events you have coming up in your area, see new content that’s available to them, understand what training is available…and on and on. At every level, Impartner customer stats show the power of that personalization: a 31 percent increase in revenue, a 37 percent increase in partner ramp time to profitability, and a 56 percent increase in partner profitability for partners using sales enablement materials.

Fortunately, if that is your current state, Impartner can help shift to a fully personalized partner portal experience in as few 30 days with our simple, yet highly engineered 3-step Velocity process. Take a demo to learn more.

An inability to personalize your partner portal is a topic covered in our recent eBook, "The Top 13 Signs You’ve Made the Wrong PRM Decision.” Read more about the 13 signs it's time to consider a new PRM solution to truly drive the performance of your channel.

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