When The Buck Stops With the CFO: Make Sure Your PRM Biz Case Has the Goods

In the not too distant past (three years ago), the line at the CFO’s door asking for a new technology buy was a short one: IT.

These days, it’s probably someone from every department – accounting itself, HR, sales, marketing, engineering, and so on. As the buying decision has shifted from IT to the business units, CFOs are faced with requests from every direction for THE technology every group is certain they NEED to have or they will fall behind.

Unfortunately, many fail to come armed with the information they need to help the CFO prioritize requests and understand what will truly have the most impact on the business. However, we know putting together the right info can be challenging. That’s why, in a recent white paper, we summarized the pre-sales conversations we’ve had with our customers, who are some of the world’s top corporations such as Splunk, Xerox, Conga, Zendesk and Ingersoll Rand. We’ve packed it full with data from a global Impartner customer survey to get right the business hard of the matter with your CFO and help you get the PRM buy of your dreams.

So, if you’re a channel/sales/marketing leader, read through this white paper, “The CFO’s Business Case for PRM,” and learn more about the top 13 reasons a PRM solution is the single most important technology purchase your company can make to accelerate your indirect sales. Just consider these performance stats from our Impartner PRM customer survey:

  • 31 percent increase in revenue
  • 23 percent decrease in administrative costs
  • 46 percent faster partner program scalability
  • 32 percent increase in percentage of partner base which improved their performance
  • 48 percent increase in sales for partners who have completed training programs
  • 56 percent increase in profit of partners who used sales enablement materials
  • Savings of up to $50,000/year by 90 percent and savings of up to $100,000/year by 10 percent by consolidating technologies and using functionality built into the PRM

Want to learn more, set up a one on one demo. We’ll help you make sure you’re ready to go grab a copy of this white paper for your CFO, secure your place in line, and get the budget you need to transform your channel’s performance.

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