Is Your PRM Platform 'Listening?'

How responding to “every move” your partners’ make accelerates channel revenue

We recently released the results of a global survey of our Impartner PRM customer base. There are a number of startling statistics on how our flagship PRM solution accelerates indirect sales – but 3 in particular, show how the power of Impartner PRM adds rocket fuel to your partners and your channel program by carefully stewarding your partners’ journey every step of the way. In the first year of use, on average, customers using Impartner PRM saw:

  • A 37% ramp in partner’s ramp to revenue productivity
  • A 32 percent increase in the percentage of partner base performing better with Impartner PRM
  • A 46% increase in the speed vendors can scale their overall channel program

The one defining feature of Impartner PRM that makes this possible: Our Channel Flow Workflow Engine. With it, your PRM platform is always watching, listening and observing your partners’ behavior, and triggering off communications on behalf of a partner manager. If your partners haven’t taken a critical action – we can give them a nudge. If they’ve passed a critical step, we prompt them to take the next one. If they’ve passed a critical milestone, we can bump them to the next level. At every step, we make it simple and easy, with clicks not code, for you to automate your partner’s journey exactly the way you want.

Without that, what happens? Nothing is automated and nothing is “listening.” Your team is going to have to look for the behavior and triggers in data, and hand craft communications to get them moving. In a channel program with 10 partners, that may be possible.  As you scale to 50, 100, 1,000 and beyond, that’s simply not possible. Without automation, your program will fail to grow as quickly as your competitors, no matter how many bodies you throw at the process.

If you want to learn more about how Impartner’s workflow engine ensures your PRM platform can truly respond to your partners’ behavior and automate shepherding them every step of the way to optimize their performance, watch this demo by our Senior Director of Product Management, Gary Sabin here. Ready to take a demo of Impartner PRM? Schedule your demo, and learn how we can help increase revenue 31 percent and decrease admin costs 23 percent.

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