Reflecting on 20 Years, 2020 and Beyond

Two decades ago I felt strongly enough about the future of SaaS solutions to quit my role teaching computer science, which I loved, and founded TreeHouse Interactive to develop cloud-based applications. I am as passionate and excited about the future potential today as I was twenty years ago.

Throughout our history, we’ve strived for the best, not just good enough. We put together like minded teams who shared the passion, vision and work ethic. The recipe worked, and coupled with an intense focus on market driven features and product scalability, we continued to have growth and success.  Ultimately, PRM followed the typical Gartner technology hype cycle – cresting to Peak Expectations, then sliding down into the Trough of Disillusionment, and resting there until the solution could truly be productized and easily consumable by main-street corporations and not just early tech adopters.

For TreeHouse Interactive (now Impartner) the rapid climb to the next phase came just over two years ago with the acquisition by our now CEO, Joe Wang, and Kennet Partners. With sage advice from the Kennet team and the leadership of Joe, one of our first actions was to completely refactor the product and deploy Impartner PRM in as few as 14 days with our simple, three-step Velocity process - finally launching PRM into the mainstream. The resulting business ride has matched the roller coaster of the Gartner Hype Cycle itself, as we’ve soared into the next phase, the Plateau of Productivity. We’ve not only refactored, but we also introduced a stream of industry-first innovations to make Impartner PRM the industry’s most nimble, easy-to-update platform on the market, expanded into EMEA and Latin America, nearly quadrupled our staffing (and engineering – yay!), moved offices twice, and won nearly 30 national and international awards for both products and executive leadership.

As we’ve continued to expand, I never imagined it would be possible to find a better fit when it came to future growth of partners.  However, today our trajectory takes another leap forward with our announcement of $15 million in funding from another powerful partner, Emergence Capital, the leading growth-stage enterprise cloud VC. To use their words, Emergence “Seeks to be the most important partner to the most important companies who are building the future of work.” Those are big words from a firm that’s an initial investor in so many leading companies in the market today, including Box, Intaact and Salesforce. The investment represents more than capital - it represents an addition to the Impartner family of proven SaaS technology leaders and experts who share our values, vision and platform goals.  The Emergence team brings a wealth of knowledge and resources for taking companies in our growth position to the next level.

As I take a rare moment to reflect on the past twenty years and how far we’ve come, I’m just as excited about the power of PRM, cloud technologies, the value Impartner PRM brings to the market, and in our long-ago decision to move to the technology nurturing Silicon Slopes!

In this week’s SiliconSlopes News, the publication noted that as part of Forbes’ Cloud 100 release, six of the top-dogs in cloud computing are in Utah and dozens are incubating – and now Impartner joins this prestigious mix.  I speak for myself and our entire Impartner team when I say that with the 31 percent increase in channel revenue, and 23 percent reduction in administrative costs our technology delivers, we couldn’t be more excited about our path forward. Our journey providing more innovative and exciting Channel solutions is only just beginning.

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