Not too Big to Change: Xerox Proves Size is Not a Barrier to Nimbleness

We see it all the time at tradeshows around the world - the sigh of longing from channel, sales and marketing managers at enormous companies when they see a demo of Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management software. In minutes, they realize that Impartner’s contemporary, turnkey PRM solution could be dropped into their network, and transform the experience they deliver to partners. They can see clearly, that from the first digital handshake with their Partner Portal, they’d be able to transform their partner’s journey throughout the partner lifecycle -- and accelerate their indirect revenue.

However, the sigh is generally usually followed by some sort of a tired shrug and a resigned look to the ceiling, given their experience to date in getting their organization to “pry up the floorboards” of their existing technology. Migrating to a more powerful technology may take more life force than maybe they or their organizations have.

Without question, making that kind of transition in a major corporation requires more horsepower, because it often means needing to get dozens of departments and possibly hundreds of people aligned.

At this month’s SiriusDecisoins Summit Europe, however, one $11 Billion corporation with nearly 14,000 partners proved it’s not only possible to make the transition, it’s possible for the end result to be a crown jewel in the company’s technology mix that is helping them transform from a direct sales organization into a world leading channel company. In a case study at the summit, Xerox Vice President of Business Transformation Aqua Porter outlined how Impartner’s contemporary PRM technology is playing a role in helping the company transform and expand its global channels program.

In her presentation, “Not Too Big to Change: How a Partner Relationship Management Solution is Helping Xerox Become a World-Class Channel Company,” Porter detailed how Xerox, despite its size, is in the process of transforming from an indirect sales organization with multiple regional channel programs and disparate technology solutions with the aid of a single, global PRM platform to better enable channel partners and empower channel managers globally.

Porter did not paint an easy picture of the transformation, but rather, outlined how the company outlined its case for change, a path forward, and lessons learned – sparing no bumps along the way but inspiring confidence that with the right vision and focus, anything is possible. Her closing quote, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” drew laughs and the most attention.

As a vendor, it was heartening to see the room nodding in unison and taking non-stop photos. Clearly, Porter tapped into a nerve for the audience packed full of channel leaders from major corporations. They know they need to make major transformations to stay on the edge – or risk falling into the same trap of “bigness leading to a lack of nimbleness” that many others do -- and which explains why so many corporations have such a short tenure on the S&P 500. But what was most heartening, was feeling the room collectively absorb the journey Aqua and Xerox have been on, and gain confidence there is a path– and a technology – that can help them transform their channel business and maintain their leadership in the market.

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