The New Partner Watering Hole

Can You Give Each Partner the Right Care and Feeding to Thrive?

In very recent history, the average vendor’s “partner watering hole” contained a limited blend of partners. Gold, silver and platinum partners pretty much made up the mix, and getting the right care and feeding to the right type of partner was simpler. However, today’s channel programs look much different. As SaaS solutions are growing five times faster than on-premise solutions, the average channel program contains a mix of partners – traditional partners selling hardware to IT teams, born in cloud partners selling only software to business unit buyers – and now referral partners who have a completely different business models and who only take referral fees. This change is all in additional to the standard business challenges of meeting needs for partners in different geographies, those in specialized markets such as finance and healthcare, etc. Each, need something different to thrive.

While it may seem that this diversity creates more opportunities to be successful with more companies, most companies know that’s not the reality. Segmenting partners and making sure they get the right care and feeding based on their particular business needs has simply been too complex to do without automation. As a result, most suppliers tend to focus only on the top 10 to 20 producers, and fail to nurture other types of partners and optimize their performance. The problem is a big one -- so much so it’s the topic in a major new SiriusDecisions Channel Partner Segmentation Matrix core strategy report.

Impartner Senior Director of Product Management Gary Sabin echoes this need in the market. “One of the most common issues prospects raise in our sales conversations is their inability to provide the right kind of care, of every kind of partner, beyond just the big guys,” Sabin said.

“Inevitably,” continues Sabin, “the performance of their channel suffers because they haven’t had the organizational bandwidth to truly service the broader range of partner types in their network – until now. With our Fall '17 release, we bring the full power of partner program segmentation and asset delivery. Our SegmentAI segmentation engine ensures each partner gets a customized partner experience that is laser focused on helping their business accelerate performance—regardless of partner type.”

If you’re ready to make sure that every partner gets the right care and feeding so you can truly optimize the performance of your entire partner eco system and not just the performance of the few, click here to take a demo.

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