Bring Manufacturing Into the 21st Century With Partner Engagement

If you’re in the manufacturing industry your customers buying journey can easily become complex. The amount of time and consideration dedicated to these investments is critical to your organization and your channel partners. Partner Relationship Management helps improve the communication between companies and their channel partners. In the first-year of using Impartner PRM (Partner Relationship Management), companies have seen a rise in partners by 46 percent and a bump in revenue by 31 percent.

Your company relies heavily on the success of an indirect sales channel to market and sell. It’s time you thought about increasing your partner engagement and how it will help streamline your manufacturing operations.

  1. Automation will create an effective and efficient interaction between your company and channel partners. Partner Relationship Management software will increase productivity, loyalty and engagement, thus creating greater consistency and profitability. By automating your systems, you increase the value of your partner interactions, ultimately making it easier to do business with you. This also frees up your sales talent from mundane manual processes and allows them to get back to selling and building relationships.

  2. Amplification of your message to more people. Impartner’s PRM integrates marketing into your business strategy. Channel management software will allow your partners to market their unique value-added solutions and distribute complete and accurate content. In the meantime, we suggest including all your partners in your digital marketing campaigns. Targeting specific titles and industries will ensure you are getting the right message to the right person, and it is a great way to start managing your channel partners. They have reach that you don’t, taking advantage of this asset is a great way to generate more leads that close.

  3. Optimization of your channel strategies. The time is now to move your data from spreadsheets; which can be error prone and time consuming, to a cloud based CRM. Optimizing your systems will allow you to close business quicker and increase accuracy. If you are currently running your channel from spreadsheets and email, you can almost guarantee that you are leaving money on the table. Keeping an organized, trackable digital record is a great starting point and will help you move towards a full functioning PRM.

As we begin to see more and more manufacturing companies become clients, they soon realize the benefits of ditching the spreadsheets and emails for a full functioning channel partner/distribution channel eco system. For more information about PRM software solutions, check out The Ultimate Field Guide to Starting a Channel.

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