What You Missed at SiriusDecisions 2018

Another year, another SiriusDecisions Summit in the books.

More than 3,200 B2B leaders descended upon Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas to take in new innovations across the industry and draw insights from data-driven research. While the three-day conference may be over, its impact will be felt throughout 2018 and beyond.

From modernizing to segmenting, the annual gathering focused on a number of ways in which attendees can make the most of their channel programs – and it’s not too difficult to see why. Increasing demand for such sessions helped spark meaningful discussion around the growing importance of the channel.

If you couldn’t attend the conference or just want to refresh your memory, check out some of this year’s highlights.

Bringing things up to date

During the second day of the event, SiriusDecisions Channel Strategist Kathy Contreras offered her advice on rejuvenating outdated channel programs. Among the most effective tools for modernization is partner relationship management technology (PRM).

Put simply, PRM solutions have changed the way businesses work. Instead of losing track of where potential customers are along the partner journey (PX), businesses can leverage a modern PRM solution to provide a top-notch customer experience every step of the way. The result? Improved channel program performance and ultimately increased revenue. In fact, Impartner PRM customers report a 31 percent increase in revenue along with a 23 percent decrease in administrative costs. Best of all, significant change can be delivered to your PX in as few as 14 days.

Reaching the right audience

What better way to start the day than with a little conversation around channel sales and marketing? On Thursday, May 10, attendees flocked to a SiriusNetwork breakfast session to connect with colleagues over a wide range of topics – including channel sales enablement as well as through-channel marketing solutions.

Too often, indirect sales teams don’t have access to the same resources as direct teams. Tools like Impartner Content promise to change that. By automatically putting the right content in the right hands, Impartner Content stands to increase the profitability of partner companies by 56 percent. Rather than struggling to track down the most relevant files and folders, individuals at partner companies can get what they need, when they need it.

By attracting new customers and keeping brand consistency intact, through-channel marketing solutions may prove just as valuable. With Impartner, brands have the luxury of selecting specific messaging while also limiting partner collateral to the content they provide. This ease and automation not only opens the door for greater reach, but also reduces the risk of off-brand messaging.

Segmenting your channel

It’s no wonder why channel segmentation is a hot topic among businesses. Tight margins coupled with growing expectations can elevate the importance of partner efficiency. During a SiriusLab session on Thursday, May 10, conference attendees sought to discuss a few tips for carrying out channel segmentation more effectively.

One of the first steps businesses can take is placing less emphasis on tiered structures. While different tiers like gold and platinum may seem helpful, such demarcations stand to discourage partners who may be lower on the totem pole. Companies that leverage tools to customize the experience each channel partner has with their program can pave the way for improved segmentation and eventually higher profits.

If the sessions at the 2018 SiriusDecisions Summit are any indication, the golden age of the channel is upon us. From channel sales and marketing to the need for segmentation, there was no shortage of discussion about the channel. Mark your calendar for next year’s conference to ensure you don’t miss out on any more insights that might help multiply channel revenue.

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