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Your Guide Through the Channel

March 30, 2021

Building A New Channel for The Post Pandemic World and Beyond

When Covid-19 upended our world, millions of business leaders scrambled to adjust. Those that doubled-down on go-to-market strategies centered on third-party business partners found they had a leg up on rivals that over-emphasized direct sales.
April 6, 2021

Three Steps to Winning Your First 30 Days on the Job

New in town? Welcome to your new role in channels. No doubt you want to make a great first impression. But what if we told you there were steps you can take to achieve more? Better still, what if we said you can begin taking these steps today? You can with this three-step primer.
April 12, 2021

Partner Loyalty Demands Proper Prioritization

If you expect channel partners and business allies see the world through your lens given how much time, money and energy you invest in them, then here’s another news bulletin: your expectations are unrealistic. Chances your priorities are, too.
April 14, 2021

Tame Your Quota Giant

Ever feel like retiring your channel sales quota is akin to taking down Goliath? If you do, then take heart: you can overcome your quota Goliath just like David overcame the Philistine who stared him down. Some new thinking may help your cause. To stimulate new ideas, here are three questions that every channel sales manager and channel salesperson should consider at the start of every month, quarter and year.
April 23, 2021

The Seven Myths of Being a Channel Chief

If you’re new to channel sales or management, or even a seasoned veteran of partnering, you likely have many questions on key aspects of your job. You may even wonder how other channel chiefs at companies like yours operate. Impartner Channel Chief Advisory Board (CCAB) member Theresa Caragol unpacks commonly held misperceptions. And she would know.
April 23, 2021

Make Partner Marketing FREE

Making partner marketing FREE might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of ways to improve your messaging and communications, but it might be the best idea for your improving business.
April 23, 2021

More Than a Buzzword, “Partnercentricity” Is Back in Atop Corporate Agendas

If you are not familiar with the concept, “partnercentricity” is a business concept that took hold among tech vendors several years ago. It’s the idea that everything a company does must have a partner-centric component baked in from the start.
April 29, 2021

Impartner Debuts Through Channel Marketing Automation That Partners Cannot Help But Put to Use

Impartner, the world leader in partner automation technology, is unveiling updated Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) technology that removes the obstacles that have historically kept partners from utilizing vendor provided tools and benefits.
May 4, 2021

Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) Is No Substitute for a TCMA Solution

You can do many things with your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) — generate leads, coordinate campaigns and measure marketing efficacy, among other things — but you cannot use it to effectively market your products and services through partners.