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Impartner TCMA Demand Generation Center

Be SMARTER, Be More Automated, Be More Scalable
— Bring More Demand Directly to Your Partners

Today’s TCMA solutions don’t work for Most partners. Partners lack the resources to use or take advantage of valuable TCMA marketing tools. The Impartner TCMA Demand Generation Center is a powerful way for your partners to amplify and promote your marketing message. SMART TCMA tools make it easier, more automated and more scalable for you to do the work FOR your partners.

It’s not enough to simply provide email solutions, social posts and ways to share content. You need:
  • Unique and Demand Driven Content – smart enough to send users exactly to the right place on your partner’s website – that’s unique to every partner and drives demand directly to them.
  • Automated, Scalable Solutions – make it just as easy to serve one partner as it is to serve thousands.
  • Brand Control that ensures your messages and brand are always up to date and on point.
  • Lead Generation that allows you to get leads directly to your partners and not be in the messy middle.
The TCMA Demand Generation Center was born from the industry’s two top channel marketing and enablement SaaS software solutions, Impartner and TIE Kinetix.

The result is the world’s SMARTest, most automated, most scalable, most complete end-to-end TCMA engine that accelerates every step of the marketing lifecycle for vendors, partners and buyers. Powered by Impartner’s unique SMARTLinks technology it allows you to deliver messages, content and leads with SMART, efficient precision that’s dynamic and customized for each partner’s email campaigns, landing pages, microsites digital ads and information dashboards.

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TCMA Demand Generation Center

Here are the powerful tools included in the TCMA Demand Generation Center

We make it easy for you to operate your Impartner TCMA Demand Generation from one, easy-to-use control panel. In a single pane of glass, you or your partners can see and use all the campaign elements you’ve created – eMails, social posts, and syndicatable assets -- and quickly and easily launch campaigns.

Impartner SMARTlink Technology — Partners want one thing from vendors: demand. They want leads. Delivered directly to their digital door. On a silver platter. No problem. Impartner’s fully automated deep linking technology makes it easy for you and your partners to enable integrated multi-touch campaigns drive traffic from email, social and google ads to any specific campaign landing pages on partner website – without any partner effort.

Showcase Syndication

This central feature enables you to manage one dynamic microsite (Showcase) for your business, complete with lead generation, that partners can syndicate on their domain or use as campaign landing pages. Each lead captured is automatically routed directly to the right partner.

Email Campaigns

Impartner makes it easy for you to set up ready-to-use email campaigns tied directly to relevant, syndicated landing pages using our SMARTlinking technology. Campaigns are automatically co-branded for each partner while protecting your branding, making execution quick and simple.

Social Syndication

Drive even more traffic to your Showcase microsite with fully automated social messages that get posted on your partners' social accounts. Our SMARTlink technology directs each call to action to the relevant Showcase page that belongs to the partner whose post generated the demand.

Promotion Syndication

Like Showcase Syndication, but uses a topic specific banner ad pointing to the related syndicated microsite that is tied to a marketing program, such as a new product promotion, allowing you to leverage your latest promotions to drive demand through your partners.

Sales Resource Center

Syndicate an entire dashboard of sales resources directly to your partners’ intranets and portals that is compatible for any device. Using this feature will help your sales teams increase their conversion rate offline by constantly providing them with updated tools, content, and collateral.

Lead Management: A Partner CRM

Integrated lead management functionality gives your partners the ability to manage all the leads generated within the TCMA system via our simple “Partner CRM" solution, which optimizes lead conversion by empowering your partners to convert leads into sales.

Google 360 Measurement

We all know the golden marketing rule: tracking, analyzing and optimizing is critical for success. Our TCMA reporting is powered by Google 360 to give you views of every key metric you can imagine with out of the box options along with the ability to create custom reports.

Be SMARTER, Be More Automated, Be More Scalable,
Bring More Demand Directly to Your Partners

Content marketing that knows what to do each Moment and even at Micro Moments using SMARTlinks® programming to uniquely and perfectly drive leads to each of your partners.


Learn more about how TCMA Demand Generation Center accelerates and automates every step of the marketing lifecycle for vendors, partners and buyers.