Business Intelligence

Gain clear visibility into channel performance

Crack open the “black box” of partner performance with insight into individual partner and overall channel execution.

For companies that sell through an indirect channel, partners can provide as much as 80 to 100 percent of the total revenue. Yet the lack of tools to gain insight into channel performance can make the process of indirect sales seem like a black box.

With Impartner Intelligence, the progress a channel partner is making to reach their financial goals is available for review – to you and to them – on a 24/7 basis. Both your partners and your channel admins can log in at any time and see how their revenue is progressing. With a dashboard into your indirect business, you’ll see not just what’s “on target,” but trending in comparison to prior quarter or prior year; insight into lead conversion and assignment rates, total pipeline value analysis, and much more.

Of course, while tracking revenue production and closure rates is critical to managing the performance of a partner, there’s so much more to building a productive partnership. With Impartner Intelligence, you can also set non-financial goals, assigning timeframes and tracking partner progress. Plus, you can also compare the performance of individual partners to the whole group, ensuring that you can apply resources where they will generate the most return.

Impartner Intelligence features:
  • Insight into lead conversion and assignment rates
  • Past quota attainment
  • Pipeline health
  • Predicted sales success of individual channel partners
  • Business planning tools
  • Financial and non-financial goal setting
  • Performance dashboards
  • “One source of truth” around the actual performance of what your partners are doing


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