Impartner PRM + Microsoft Dynamics 365


A New Revenue Stream

Impartner PRM is Microsoft’s only endorsed PRM vendor. D365 and Impartner PRM give you a powerful, proven, easily integratable one-two CRM/PRM punch to help you win against Salesforce, win big deals with big companies, have another revenue stream for your business and deliver faster ROI to your customers.

Win Deals Against Salesforce

With just under 25% percent of customers over $1 Billion in sales and an average deal size of $285K, a proven integration with D365 that will help you win deals against Salesforce, and resale and/or professional services opportunities, Impartner provides with you with a powerhouse new revenue source. PRM helps companies manage their indirect channel in the same way CRM helps manage direct sales. Learn More

Tap Into a Whole New Market

Impartner PRM also helps you tap into a whole new market of companies with a direct and indirect channel who are looking to extend their sales process and pipeline visibility provided by D365 to the channel. Globally, that opportunity is tremendous. 75% of revenue goes through indirect channels and a representative sample of companies shows a market opp of $2.5B worldwide. With one networking infrastructure company coming out at $348,750 for Impartner and $3M for Microsoft for a 3-year contract, imagine the business opportunity this can powerful combo can represent for you globally.

When do You Have a Deal?

  • You know you have a deal when your prospect has a channel program with no PRM, or a dated, home-grown, limited-functionality solution, including MS Portals, SharePoint or ADX Studio
  • Have a lack of visibility to ROI for their indirect channel
  • Are wanting to switch their CRM and/or PRM from Salesforce and are looking for a proven CRM/PRM solution
Case Study: Digital Transformation for a Billion+ Company

When facing a tight deadline before having to pay millions for a vendor they no longer wanted, a major multi-national network infrastructure company turned to Avtex, a top Microsoft partner, to transform the technology stack they were using to manage their direct and indirect sales.

Despite the tight deadline, the customer was determined to transition from Salesforce, to a modern, integrated CRM/PRM solution that met their partner expectations for ease-of-use, similar to solutions found in consumer-type applications – ultimately resulting in the choice and implementation of D365 and Impartner PRM for Microsoft Dynamics in just a few months.

The transition, was a powerful one for the client’s business, with the lead commenting, “Our economics got much, much better.”

Just as important, the transformation delivered powerful business benefits for Avtex, allowing them both the chance to delight this customer, but also have a demonstrable transformation that includes both CRM and now, with a proven, out-of-the-box PRM solution, further expanding their revenue stream and giving them a powerful, proven, one-two punch against other competing CRM/PRM solutions in the market.

To see this case study detailed in full, click here for a white paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group to learn more about the opportunity implementing D365 and Impartner PRM presents for your business. With an average selling price of $285K for companies over $1B in sales, the opportunity for resale and professional services is tremendous.

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