Fifth Annual Customer & Channel Management Summit

Make your ambitious, aspirational moonshot goals a reality

The Premier Channel Gathering

The 5th annual ImpartnerCON is approaching fast. This premier channel gathering will be focused on helping channel leaders truly understand where the big opportunities are in the next decade, and the skills they need to take those ambitious, aspirational MOONSHOT goals and make them a reality.
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Launching you into the next decade:

  • Industry Leaders and Experts — Presenting best practices and case studies that will tell you how they’re finding success in their channel roles and in their channel programs.
  • Impartner Leadership — Providing insight on our technology and roadmap.
  • The Impartner Brain LAB — Learning first-hand how to maximize the channel technologies you are currently using and learn about new technologies that can help you succeed.
  • Networking — Bringing together channel experts and leaders from all over the world.

moon·shot /ˈmo͞onˌSHôt/

The boldest of leaders don’t define incremental goals. They aim for aspirational, ambitious targets, undeterred by the monumental efforts that may lie ahead in creating deep-reaching, outstanding results. Attend ImpartnerCON2020 and learn where the big opportunities lie and how to set your MOONSHOT initiatives to push your businesses way beyond the performance of your competitors.

Highlights from ImpartnerCON 2019

Get ready for this year's ImpartnerCON which will be bigger and bolder than anything we've done in the past. Watch highlights from last year to get a taste for what's in store.

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Frequently Asked

1When should I arrive and leave?
With the main conference starting on the evening of April 15th, we recommend arriving on the morning/afternoon of the 15th. If you want to attend the first full day of BrainLAB, it would be best to arrive the night of the 14th. The conference ends Friday afternoon – so a Friday evening flight would be ideal. We will offer complimentary activities for all attendees on Friday afternoon, so if you plan to participate, it would be best to book a flight out of Salt Lake after 7pm.
2What expenses are covered?
Everything is covered by Impartner except transportation and incidentals. We cover hotel nightly costs for the night of the 15th and 16th, food, conference passes, activities, drinks, etc. You will just need to book your flight, get from the airport to the hotel and have a credit card in case of incidentals.
3What is the BrainLAB and who should attend?
BrainLAB is an opportunity to sit down with the technical team at Impartner and ask questions about your instance. No matter the category of help you need, they will be able to find someone who can help you work through any questions, plus attend a wide variety of Impartner BrainLAB University, that dig deep on a wide variety of technical and channel management skills.
4Can I stay at the hotel longer than the 15th-17th of April?
Absolutely, you can stay at the Grand America before or after the conference at the group rate. Please know that this cost will not be covered by Impartner and you will need to notify impartnercon@impartner.com to confirm your extended stay. When you register, you’ll just put in the nights you want to stay, we’ll make the reservation for you, and you’ll pay the additional nights upon checkout.
5What is the best way to get to the hotel?
Uber or Lyft would be the best options. Alternatives include TRAX, the local light rail system, that goes directly from the airport to right in front of the hotel, or taxi service. It is about a 10-minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport to the Grand America Hotel.

Event Schedule

ImparnterCON2020 starts April 14th, with early registration and some pre-event activities. The next three days of this Industry leading event will be packed full of insights, training, networking and fun.
April 14

Tuesday, April 14

  • 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm — Early registrations for BrainLabs
April 15

Wednesday, April 15

  • 08:00 am – 05:00 pm — Check in
  • 10:00 am – 06:00 pm — BrainLabs
  • 06:00 pm – 09:30 pm — Opening reception
  • 09:30 pm — Impartner After Hours
April 16

Thursday, April 16

  • 07:30 am – 08:30 am — Breakfast
  • 07:30 am – 05:00 pm — BrainLabs
  • 08:30 am – 12:00 pm — Opening remarks, opening keynote, analyst speaker, case studies
  • 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm — Lunch
  • 01:00 pm – 02:30 pm — Roadmap
  • 02:30 pm – 03:00 pm — Case Study
  • 03:00 pm – 04:30 pm — Breakouts
  • 04:30 pm – 06:30 pm — Module Test Lab
  • 07:00 pm – 07:45 pm — Reception
  • 07:45 pm – 09:30 pm — 5th Annual Awards Dinner
  • 09:30 pm — Impartner After Hours
April 17

Friday, April 17

  • 07:30 am – 08:30 am —  Breakfast
  • 07:30 am – 05:00 pm — BrainLabs
  • 08:30 am – 12:00 pm — Analysts keynote, case studies
  • 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm — Lunch
  • 01:00 pm – 05:00 pm — Complimentary activities for guests
  • 05:00 pm — Depart

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