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Beagle Research Presents The Single View of The Vendor: How Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Can Help Manufacturers and Their Partners Increase Customer Confidence by Delivering a United Front

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On-demand Webinar Now Available Through TreeHouse Interactive

Salt Lake City, Utah — December 4, 2014 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, today announced the availability of The Single View of the Vendor, a new on-demand webinar presented by analyst firm Beagle Research. The webinar discusses how manufacturers and their partners can use PRM technology to inspire customer confidence and loyalty by presenting a single, united front and tightly integrated solutions.

In a direct sales model, customer relationship management's (CRM) job of capturing all relevant information over the customer lifecycle has proven to be an effective way for vendors to capture a single view of the customer. But for vendors with an indirect channel model, there are moving parts with multiple roles and products, which can make it a challenge for customers to know precisely who they are dealing with and if they're making the right purchase choices.

In this webinar, Denis Pombriant, managing partner of Beagle Research Group LLC, explores how vendors can utilize PRM functionality - such as automated co-branded collateral and email, interactive partner directories, and service case integration - to offer their customers unified solutions, not just disparate parts.

Partner marketing enablement is another customer-facing feature that can enhance both the partner's and vendor's brands, demonstrate the alliance between partner and vendor, and their complementary skill sets. The ability to present a tightly integrated view of the partner and manufacturer to a potential customer increases their confidence and ultimately helps close deals, asserts Pombriant.

The webinar concludes with real world, enterprise-class demonstrations by TreeHouse Interactive showing how companies are using PRM technologies to present a tighter connection between vendor and partner, and partner and end user for the benefit of all parties.

Because customers are looking for an integrated chain of value-added products and services, vendors and partners need to work together to present a united front, and not just through words, but by actions, explains Pombriant. PRM technologies enable them to demonstrate a solid alliance and tightly integrated solutions that inspire customer confidence in the vendor-partner team.

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TreeHouse Interactive's Reseller View™ is the most comprehensive PRM platform available and offers seamless integration with Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics CRM out of the box. Its feature-rich modular design is the only multi-tiered PRM platform available and the only PRM solution listed on the Salesforce AppExchange®. With automation that delivers turnkey ease of use, Reseller View is deployed by industry leading enterprises, including several CRN Magazine 5-Star Award winners such as Rackspace, Commvault, eBay, National Instruments, Sungard AS, Quantum and more.

Additional information is available by contacting TreeHouse Interactive or 801.576.8428. For more information about TreeHouse Reseller View PRM, visit Reseller View PRM.

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