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Impartner Makes it Possible for Companies to Manage Indirect Channels in Real Time

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With Impartner's new Channel Flow workflow engine, channel pros can now instantly update the flow of their partner management systems in response to the changing needs of their business

Channel Flow ushers in a new era of nimbleness for channel management

New Orleans, Louisiana — April 4, 2016 — At the Microsoft Envision Conference in New Orleans, Global Partner Relationship Management (PRM) leader Impartner today advanced the nimbleness of the key business solution used to manage indirect channels, PRM, with a new workflow engine that puts the power in the hands of channel chiefs to manage the flow of their channel operations in real time. With clicks not code, the Impartner Channel Flow™ workflow engine makes it easy for channel teams, not IT developers, to instantly tailor their PRM solution to match their business processes and evolve with their business needs.

Impartner spent 2015 building telemetry and analytics into our PRM solution, said Dave R Taylor, Impartner chief marketing officer. It's a natural desire for a customer, once they see the information flowing in, to want to make tweaks and changes to their indirect channel environment based on that data. Impartner Channel Flow is the solution that lets them iterate their business workflows with a simple, intuitive interface that requires no coding—and no delay—giving them one more level of control over their channel program and content.

In developing Channel Flow, Impartner incorporated more than a decade of experience in implementing PRM solutions for some of the world's most advanced corporations including Fortinet, Xerox, Rackspace and Carbon Black. Our customers wanted the benefit of a turnkey, out-of-the-box SaaS solution that would integrate seamlessly with their business systems, yet still allow the people closest to their channel operations to simply, immediately and continually be able to iterate the system to optimize performance and revenue, Taylor said. Now, with our Impartner PRM solutions, our customers will not only have the sensors built into their partner programs that allow them to see what's happening, but they can also take action and change course in real time in the way that makes the most sense for their business.

Theresa Caragol, founder of the channel strategy firm, TCC Consulting, agrees speed is of the essence to take advantage of shifts in market dynamics. Real time is the new speed of business, Caragol said. As pressure mounts on the channel, processes and technologies that empower an entire channel team to see trends and then take action immediately without the need for multiple hand offs are the ones that will help companies be able to run faster, improve faster and outpace the competition. The ability to make a change that optimizes a business process instantly versus a few weeks—or more—can make or break a quarter.

Channel Flow continues an ongoing drumbeat of innovation from Impartner in the past year, all of which is focused on helping companies simplify the process of implementing and maintaining a world-class channel program. When we introduced Impartner PRM, our award-winning, highly engineered Velocity™ process made it possible for companies to have a new PRM solution up and running in as few as 30 days, and our inline WYSIWYG CMS engine changed the game for marketers in keeping content updated and fresh, Taylor said. Channel Flow is that next step in helping our customers elevate their channel operations.


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