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New Interactive Impartner Infographic Shows How Partner Relationship Management Enhances the Partner Journey

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PRM creates a frictionless, contemporary partner experience to attract the best partners, optimize mutual performance and accelerate channel revenue

Impartner PRM customers report an average 31 percent increase in channel sales in first year of use

Silicon Slopes, Utah — September 15, 2017 — Impartner, the world's largest and fastest-growing pure-play Partner Relationship Management (PRM) company, today launched a new interactive infographic which highlights how PRM optimizes every step of the partner journey, which is critical to accelerating channel revenue. In blind survey, Impartner PRM customers report a 31 percent increase in revenue, a 23 percent decrease in administrative costs, a 53 percent increase in engagement and a 37 percent decrease in the time it takes to ramp partners to revenue productivity in the first year alone. The infographic can be found here.

Without the ability to create a seamless, world-class, comprehensive partner experience at every step of your partners' journey, you're leaving money on the table due to lost opportunity and ultimately, you'll lose your best partners to competitors that provide a better experience, said Impartner CMO Dave R Taylor. This interactive infographic makes it easy for companies to see if their partner journey has what it takes to compete by delivering the digitally savvy, consumer-grade experience partners have come to expect from leading vendors.

The priority for vendors to ensure they're providing partners with a world-class partner journey has never been more critical. As customer experience (CX) continues its stronghold on the CEO agenda, the same holds true for partner experience (PX) for companies selling through the channel, said Maria Chien, service director of Channel Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions. Chien outlined five key reasons channel chiefs consider improving their partner's journey to be one of their top priorities:

  • The channel is an engine of growth
  • Increasing competition for partner mindshare
  • Partners are more selective about investing in vendors, with PX as a primary decision driver
  • PX directly impacts CX
  • Evidence shows that PX directly impacts partner engagement, performance and loyalty

To see if your company has what it takes to maintain your company's competitive advantage, click here for the interactive infographic.


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