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Newest Version of Impartner PRM Technology Gives Channel Chiefs 'X-ray' Vision into Their Channel's Performance

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Fall '16 release of Impartner's award winning PRM software provides an incomparable level of insight into the performance of every aspect of a company's channel program

Latest update also offers radically new consumerized interfaces 100 percent focused on increasing partner engagement and accelerating partner revenue

Continued enhancements mark the rise of channel tech — the 'next big thing'

San Francisco, California — October 7, 2016 — Global Partner Relationship Management (PRM) leader Impartner today elevated the ability of channel chiefs to optimize their channel operations and accelerate revenue with the announcement of a radically new interface for its multi-award winning Impartner PRM solution, which provides actionable, 'X-ray' level insights into how a company's channel program is performing. The new interface is included in Impartner's Fall '16 software release, which also features a number of enhancements that are focused on driving partner engagement. Highlights of the release, which was announced at Dreamforce '16, include:

  • Incomparable visibility into channel performance for channel chiefs: Impartner PRM provides an incredibly deep view into channel analytics displayed in a streamlined interface that transforms raw data into insights. This powerful interface shines a floodlight into every corner of a company's channel program, illuminating what's working and what isn't in a way that's immediately understandable and actionable.
  • Consumerized interfaces for both vendors and partners: Technology means that today's business professionals move seamlessly between their personal and professional lives. The expectation is that business software creates a user experience that is as simple and intuitive as consumerized experience. Impartner PRM puts consumer sizzle into channel management and the Partner Portal experience for partners.
  • More mobile, mobility. While Impartner PRM has long worked across all mobile platforms, it now includes a more robust mobile push notification framework. Now, Impartner's mobile friendly notification framework can alert partners about new leads, deal registration approvals, etc. across any platform or device. Partners can simply log in and get working immediately.
  • Timed workflows keep partners engaged based on the actions they take — and don't take. Statistically, the best partners engage within the first 30 days. The new functionality in Impartner's Channel Flow™ Workflow engine lets channel teams trigger events on milestones that are hit as well as milestones that are missed. For example, if more than a week goes by without the new partner logging in, companies can send them a reminder email. Or, if more than 4 hours has passed since a lead was sent to a partner, it can be retired and passed on to the next partner in line.

This year, 2016, marks the rise of channel tech, said Impartner Chief Marketing Officer Dave R Taylor. Companies who are struggling to scale their channel programs on spreadsheets without the use of automation and create contemporary partner experiences without a worldclass partner portal, are falling behind their competitors who are. Our latest version of Impartner PRM is 100 percent focused on providing our customers with the visibility and the partner engagement they need to change the game for their channel operations and ensure they are the vendor of choice against the competition.

See Impartner at Booth 225 at Dreamforce.


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