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SaaS Partner Relationship Management Leader Impartner Urges: Resist the Urge to BYOP (Build Your Own Portal)

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Failing to choose a turn-key SaaS solution to power Partner Portals results in extended execution times, the risk of poor integration and the loss of short- and long-term focus for IT teams

New Impartner infographic outlines eight reasons to resist the Sirens' Song of BYOP

Silicon Slopes, Utah — August 21, 2015 — Impartner (formerly known as TreeHouse Interactive), a leader in SaaS Partner Relationship Management (PRM), today announced its list of eight key reasons companies should resist the temptation to Build Their Own Partner Portal (BYOP). In the infographic, Impartner outlines why embracing pre-engineered SaaS PRM solutions, versus internally building a custom Partner Portal, speeds deployment times, reduces configuration errors and keeps IT teams focused on delivering value to companies' core technologies.

It is the age of the lego-ization of IT. All the pieces of the IT puzzle must 'snap' together. Internally developed 'bespoke' software is actually a decelerator to business, said Impartner Chief Marketing Officer Dave R Taylor. In 2010, the mantra was 'there's an app for that.' In 2015, it's changed to 'There's a SaaS for that.' This couldn't be truer than when it comes to Partner Relationship Management (PRM). SaaS-based technology like Impartner's means that when you finally redo your Partner Portal, there is a solution that is pre-built and you can simply personalize it and 'snap' it onto your existing IT infrastructure and move on. In today's market, why would you invest the organizational time and IT resources to build something that's already built with industry best practices.

Time to market is especially critical when it comes to PRM, added Taylor. We hear time after time that internally building a custom portal costs more and takes longer than expected, often over a year. When you sell through partners, typically 80 to 100 percent of your revenue goes through your indirect channel. Your Partner Portal is THE front door to your business relationship, and if yours is out of date, hard to use and not accelerating your indirect sales, that wasted year is a business lifetime that's leaving money on the table for your partners and your organization. Solutions like Impartner PRM can be up and running in 30 days with our easy, three-step Velocity™ process.

Taylor notes that many are easily swayed by the Sirens' Song of BYOP, given that on the surface, most fail to understand the complexities of integrating the typical technologies in a portal from CRM to Deal Registration, and mistakenly think another technology platform is 'harder, not easier, for their IT team to integrate. The top eight reasons to resist BYOP in the infographic include:

  • Time to market
  • Loss of focus for your IT team
  • Level of effort
  • Lack of a roadmap for the future
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Initial creation costs
  • Lack of channel expertise

The Shift to SaaS powers a tech boom
While many companies waver at the BYOP decision, those that are embracing the ease and speed-to-market of SaaS solutions are powering the growth of companies like Impartner. In a recent Forbes article, global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach 106B in 2016, increasing 21 percent over projected 2015 spending levels, at a 30 percent CAGR, compared with a 5 percent growth for overall enterprise IT.* To match this demand, Impartner has more than doubled its staff in just five months after CEO and investor Joe Wang and Kennet Partners' announced their investment in Impartner (then TreeHouse Interactive).

* and-market-estimates-2015/


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