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TreeHouse Interactive Adds Revolutionary New Features to Demand Generation Solution While Offering New Enterprise-Class Integration with Salesforce.Com (CRM)

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Marketing View™ Adds Remote Forms, Download Manager and Advanced Integration to Increase Opportunities and Improve Communication Between Direct and Partner Sales Teams

Salt Lake City, Utah — November 17, 2009 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, announced today new functionality in its Marketing View product that will give marketing and sales teams better tools to target campaigns; qualify, capture and score leads; and create dynamic nurturing triggers. These tools include extensive bi-directional integration, download resource management, and the ability to publish remote forms. Advanced Integration Enhances Communication with Prospects and Partners
Earlier this year, TreeHouse announced Marketing View integration with and availability on the AppExchange. This Basic integration from TreeHouse allows marketers to pass sales-ready leads to based on multi-layered triggers from landing pages or micro sites. It enables dynamic mapping of landing page data to contact or lead objects in and allows for de-duplication. The new Advanced integration from TreeHouse goes far beyond this, enabling real-time, bi-directional synchronization of lead and contact data between Marketing View and It enables sales and marketing teams to launch nurturing campaigns directly from based on any change in any lead or contact field in The Advanced integration from TreeHouse also incorporates revolutionary new search term and search engine function lity to allow customers to better track, target and nurture prospects based on any search terms used to find a website and to better understand the effectiveness of paid and organic search term, as well as landing page efforts.

We expected sales and marketing teams to use the new functionality to keep contact databases synchronized, determine how and when to nurture leads and to send unqualified leads back to the demand generation system for further development, said Erich Flynn, CEO, TreeHouse Interactive. We are pleasantly surprised with the innovative ways companies are using the integration. One company is using it to send welcome emails to new customers, another to alert sales executives as to a change in lead status and yet another customer who uses it to see when partners have accepted or rejected distributed leads. I think we will continue to see companies utilize this new functionality in a variety of ways to increase opportunities and improve the communication between direct and partner sales teams.

Download Manager Improves Management of Downloadable Website Resources
Marketers have traditionally had difficulty in understanding which downloadable resources on their website are the most productive in terms of generating leads. They also struggle with how to gate access to content. Too big of a gate leads to too few leads; too small of a gate leads to a lack of information and unqualified leads. The new Download Manager within Marketing View has struck the perfect balance. It enables marketers to manage the hosting of downloadable website resources. Any number of resources can then be associated to a single landing page. A visitor need only fill out the form once to have access to all associated resources. Marketing View, however, enables tracking of each resource downloaded, as well as scoring based each of the downloads. It is now much easier to offer a library of content and increase consumption by prospects while retaining tracking, nurturing and lead scoring capabilities. Extensive download reporting enables campaign targeting based on where a visitor's interest lies and gives marketers valuable feedback on the content they are producing.

Remote Forms Offer Greater Flexibility and Control for Landing Pages
The final tool that has been added to TreeHouse Interactive's Marketing View demand generation system is the ability to create forms that can be posted on any website. A downfall of many demand generation and marketing automation systems is the necessity of the demand generation system to host all forms and landing pages. Traditionally, marketers want to use a vanity URL or their own company URL for landing pages instead of being forced to use a long URL supplied by their demand generation vendor. There are also times when companies want to build a landing page or micro-site for use by their partners or for a co-marketing program. Marketing View is the first to offer the ability to dynamically create landing pages and allow them to be hosted on any website. This Remote Forms functionality feeds data directly into Marketing View, giving marketers complete freedom for where they collect information from and the ability to easily blend it with the look and feel of any website.

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