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TreeHouse Interactive Debuts Enterprise-Class Search Functionality for Reseller View Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Solution

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PRM Solution Provider Extends Technology Leadership Position with Industry's First, Secure Search for PRM

Salt Lake City, Utah — July 9, 2014 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, announced today the general availability of its proprietary enterprise-class Secure Search module for Reseller View™ PRM. Reseller View is the most comprehensive PRM offering available, delivering the highest level of partner automation, portal customization, and partner marketing enablement. The new Reseller View Secure Search module enables partners to easily search volumes of rich content and receive instant search results. Enterprise customers no longer have to choose between inadequate standard tools to search within protected website portals, or building a cost-prohibitive advanced search engine to offer custom Google-class search.

Providing channel partners with the tools they need to sell products and services not only helps them be more efficient, it helps build their loyalty to a supplier's brand, said Stephanie Sissler, research director, Sirius Decisions. Partner portal search functionality that delivers the appropriate level of content to different types of partners is one way that suppliers can improve the partner experience and build relationships with them. With the new Secure Search module for Reseller View PRM, TreeHouse Interactive has taken a huge step forward in making it much easier and cost-effective for suppliers to improve partner access to vital information and, as a result, partner loyalty.

Over the years we've seen our customers realize significant growth in the size and breadth of their partner program offerings, so it comes as no surprise that the volume of content provided in their partner portals has grown significantly, said Erich Flynn, CEO, TreeHouse Interactive. Providing partners with the ability to search for and instantly receive access to needed materials on demand is critical to their success in the field.

The Challenge of Enterprise-class Search in a Secure Environment
Businesses have long recognized the importance of selling through indirect channels and providing partners with the tools needed to sell, service, and support their products. Modern channel programs have more recently invested in partner relationship management (PRM) solutions in order to provide their partners with 24/7 access to content and reference materials needed to grow their business.

While search technology has been available nearly as long as the internet, the complexity and costs associated with implementing it in a protected environment such as PRM has discouraged companies from making the effort. The challenges of implementing search technology include:

  • Security – Providing search in a password protected environment
  • Complexity – Search results for PRM need to consider content access by partner level (i.e. Silver Partners vs. Platinum, North American Partners vs. those in EMEA or APAC) and attributes (partner member is an executive and has access to folders with management reports)
  • Costs – Hardware and implementation costs required to enable search functionality cost more than $100,000
  • Automation – Automatically searching and indexing file content and metadata, as well as titles, presents an additional layer of technological difficulty
  • Content Growth – Over time, partner programs accumulate volumes of rich content, making it harder for partners to find the specific content they need

Enterprise customers have not had success utilizing standard tools to search inside protected websites/portals. Alternatively, the expensive hardware and implementation skills needed to build an advanced search engine has proved cost-prohibitive, even for larger organizations.

Reseller View PRM and Secure Search
The new Reseller View Secure Search functionality delivers Google-class search capabilities for partner portals, at a fraction of the cost. This proprietary module was designed to support TreeHouse's growing roster of enterprise customers using Reseller View, allowing them to:

  • Implement enterprise-class search functionality in a password protected portal environment
  • Search all web content, content within files, metadata and 220 different file types, even if they reside within protected folders
  • Deliver instant search results to authorized users only
  • Overcome deployment obstacles of the past—for just a fraction of the price
  • Easily search content by title, content within individual files, or by metadata such as author
  • Reduce impact on internal resources using TreeHouse's full-service implementation
  • Reduce management of files and permissions via automated indexing and permission management

Reseller View Secure Search technology crawls web pages, metadata, content within files and even files in protected folders to deliver the most comprehensive search results possible. Search results are displayed and ordered by the most recent content origination date to provide partners with the most recent, and relevant, information possible.

In addition, the search technology has advanced security features that distinguish by user login and return search results to authorized users only. This sophisticated level of search functionality allows partner programs with tiered levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum Partners) or content access by attribute (Sales vs. Support User) to ensure that only authorized users are receiving content that is intended for them.

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Contact TreeHouse Interactive at 801.576.8428 or for additional details, pricing information, or to schedule a Secure Search demo.

Reseller View PRM
TreeHouse Reseller View PRM delivers the highest level of partner automation, portal customization, and partner marketing enablement and is the only PRM solution approved on the Salesforce AppExchange. With a fully customized, enterprise-class web application that provides all the tools that partners need to sell, service, and support businesses, Reseller View is the only multi-tiered PRM solution on the market that is fast, cost-effective, and offers international scalability.

To learn more about Reseller View partner relationship management, see Reseller View resources.

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