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TreeHouse Interactive Extends Technology Lead in Partner Relationship Management, Channel Sales Force Automation and Marketing Automation with Next-Generation Release of SaaS CRM Solutions

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TreeHouse Reseller View, Sales View and Marketing View Advance Seamless Integration Between Partners and Manufacturers, End-to-End Visibility and Greater Control over the Entire Sales Processes from Customer Acquisition through Customer Retention

Salt Lake City, Utah — September 16, 2008 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, today announced significant advances in its product suite which includes TreeHouse ResellerView™, Sales View™ and MarketingView™. As a result, organizations are able to improve efficiencies and process integration between partners and manufacturers, benefit from the combination of best-of-breed sales force automation with critical channel management, and maximize revenue opportunities with unparalleled lead generation systems and multichannel marketing campaigns.

The channel is one of the core components for driving revenue and achieving greater market penetration in less time. While partners have become key to scaling sales operations, increasing sales volume and revenue, controlling cost and extending market reach, management of the channel has historically suffered from inefficiencies. Information systems have been focused on discrete aspects, not the entire process of tracking customers, conducting effective marketing/lead generation campaigns, competing for customers and efficiently managing the channel sales lifecycle. In order to optimize channel sales management, organizations need to improve visibility and process integration. In addition, partner relationship, marketing and sales force automation tools can no longer be treated separately- they must work together for companies to fully leverage the revenue opportunities available across both direct and indirect channels.

TreeHouse Interactive meets these requirements with an enterprise-class suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM solutions that include partner relationship management, channel sales force automation, and multi-channel marketing automation. Featuring an interactive multi-tiered architecture, superior scalability, customization, automation and reporting capabilities, TreeHouse solutions enable organizations to maximize revenue opportunities throughout the complete customer lifecycle from acquisition through customer retention. The company's products are engineered from the ground up for seamless integration with third party and legacy customer systems for superior performance, even when executing the most complex actions. As a result, customers enjoy much faster implementation rates, time to revenue and ROI.

New features in Reseller View PRM include:

  • Full international character support
  • New lead distribution model
  • Special pricing approval module
  • Paperless and Automated MDF/Coop management
  • Training and certification module


Sales View

While legacy sales force automation systems have been designed for the direct sales model, TreeHouse Sales View is the first and only Channel Sales Force Automation™ product to marry traditional sales force automation features with the functionality needed by companies who rely on channel sales.

In addition to allowing for management of accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, Sales View also enables the collection, normalization, and management of distributor reported (POS) sales and inventory data for unsurpassed worldwide revenue recognition. Sales View provides companies a better understanding of internal and partner sales forecasts and quotas, MDF/Coop spending and ROI, actual POS sales by partner, distributor and product, and an unparalleled ability to recognize revenue worldwide. It also provides powerful reporting and analytics for real-time decision making and one touch compensation management.

New features in Sales View include:

  • New ability to upload and integrate worldwide distributor inventory in addition to POS
  • Unmatched revenue recognition capabilities for a complete, accurate and auditable view of channel revenue
  • Improved product level analytics to measure sales velocity and weeks of inventory by product
  • Improved UPC administration
  • Automated paperless MDF/Coop management


Marketing View
Marketing organizations are increasingly required to generate, qualify and distribute more leads, in less time and with less resources than ever before. In addition, disparate contact databases are difficult to centralize and leverage for multi-channel marketing campaigns. TreeHouse Marketing View allows enterprises to build and manage detailed databases of end users, partners and prospects and create marketing campaigns across multiple channels such as trade shows, print advertising and telesales. Marketing View automates lead generation, qualification and distribution to sales resulting in faster time to revenue and decreased cost per qualified lead.

New features in Marketing View include:

  • Full international character support with unicode to support global customers
  • Upgraded form builder for the most sophisticated survey/web form/microsite builder available
  • New ContactXtend™ ability to upload any custom contact data
  • Improved contact manager
  • Improved action builder with TreeHouse AutoResponse™ for improved date triggers and duplicated actions
  • TreeHouse CampaignMaximizer™ that enables randomized tests of multiple creative executions to ensure that only the best performing campaigns are chosen

Organizations today realize they must optimize their customer and partner relationship management systems, achieve greater visibility across their partner networks, and build a cohesive process that seamlessly ties sales, customer, and partner information together in a way that generates revenue and drives their business forward, said Erich Flynn, CEO, TreeHouse Interactive. We are excited that companies such as NetApp (NTAP), Motion Computing, Quantum Corporation (QTM), Step Up Women's Network and Mrs. Fields have chosen TreeHouse SaaS solutions to more effectively manage their channel relationships and maximize revenue opportunities. We look forward to expanding our market reach and continuing to address the need for comprehensive, high-performing partner relationship management and marketing automation solutions that provide a seamless partner and customer experience while driving incremental revenue.

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