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TreeHouse Interactive First to Offer Document Management and Other Enterprise-Class Features in Industry-Leading PRM Solution

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Leading PRM and Partner Portal Provider Introduces Advanced Document Management, Enhanced Google Analytics And Industry-First Partner Heat Map Visualization Tool

Salt Lake City, Utah — October 20, 2009 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, today announced new functionality in the company's Reseller View partner relationship management (PRM) product, which will facilitate better communication with partners and enhance strategic expansion of partner networks. The new functionality includes Advanced Document Management, improved Google Analytics and a new interactive Partner View Heat Map.

Reseller View is the only multi-tiered PRM solution available that allows separate navigation, features and content to be delivered to different levels of partners. With the addition of Advanced Document Management, companies can now make documents available to partners based on specific elements of partner profiles and accept, as well as route partner document notifications to the appropriate people internally. For example, support, marketing and financial documents often need to be made available to just a subset of employees at both the company and the partner based on their area of responsibility. New Reseller View functionality enables this to happen easily.

TreeHouse customer VacationRoost (, a leading high-end vacation rental portal, has put this functionality to use in a unique way with its 800+ supplier partners. Instead of manually collecting rate cards, pictures and other important documents from each supplier via email, they have automated the process by using Reseller View's Advanced Document Management. Suppliers see what profile areas require updating when they log into the supplier portal site, upload the information, and appropriate VacationRoost personnel are notified that the documents have been uploaded. The amount of time required to gather information for updating supplier partner profiles has been reduced from several hundred hours to a fraction of that time.

Improved Google (GOOG) Analytics is also part of the new Reseller View functionality. While Reseller View has always been integrated with leading Web analytics providers like Google and Omniture, it has taken the Google relationship further in the latest release. In addition to providing Web analytics data for partner portals, the improved integration gives detailed document usage statistics. Reseller View PRM users can now see and rank documents by how often they are downloaded by partners. They can also see which partners downloaded which documents. This makes future content and content marketing decisions easier.

The Partner View Heat Map is the third addition to Reseller View, and allows channel managers to have greater visibility into how their partners are dispersed geographically. Channel managers can visually drill down to states and metro areas to view data on specific partners and their locations. The Partner View Heat Map also enables channel managers to visualize their partner network using filters for partner type or level, which supports strategic decision-making related to network expansion. Partner search data can be easily exported. Currently, the map covers the United States, but will be expanded in future releases.

New Reseller View™ features are generally available today for TreeHouse Interactive customers. For more information, visit

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