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TreeHouse Interactive Presents White Paper by Raab Associates on Best Practices for Achieving the Full Value of Marketing Automation Platforms

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Salt Lake City, Utah — December 4, 2013 — TreeHouse Interactive™ (, the technology leader in SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, today introduced a white paper entitled Marketing Automation: What Is Your Next Step?, that outlines best practices for achieving the full value of marketing automation platforms (MAP) for business success. Available for download from the TreeHouse web site, the paper outlines four levels of marketing automation, from basic email campaigns to more sophisticated inbound marketing programs, and offers keys for successfully moving from one level to the next. A recorded companion webinar, What's Your Next Step in Marketing Automation? featuring the paper's author, David Raab, principal of Raab Associates, is also available for download by TreeHouse Interactive.

According to Raab Associates, B2B marketers have enthusiastically adopted marketing automation, with industry revenue estimated to be growing by 50 percent each year. Users consistently report growth in quantity and quality of leads, in lead acceptance rates, and in marketing revenue contribution.

Despite generally positive results, many marketing automation users are not getting the greatest possible value from their systems. While nearly everyone uses marketing automation to send emails, many are still not running multi-step nurture campaigns or tying leads to campaigns in order to better understand campaign ROI. Fewer still use more advanced features such as social media publishing, attribution analysis, and marketing planning.

These more advanced features multiply the value received from a marketing automation implementation. Without them, the paper asserts, marketers could just as well replace their systems with lower cost email-only solutions—a decision that would save money in the short run, but ultimately leave marketers without access to the new opportunities that marketing automation creates.

Marketers cite many reasons for not fully implementing their systems. The most common obstacles include limited budgets, lack of staff skills, poor data, and a shortage of content, said David Raab, principal, Raab Associates. But, ultimately, most of these reasons reflect decisions made by marketing departments about how they'll allocate existing resources and how effectively they can prove the value of increased marketing budgets. In other words, most marketing departments could do more with their systems if they chose to make that a priority. Given the proven benefits of advanced marketing automation, such a choice makes sense.


About Raab Associates
Since 1987, Raab Associates has been respected for its objectivity, thoroughness and dedication to helping companies select the right technology tools and deploy them effectively. Faced with challenges such as defining business requirements, choosing software or service providers, or measuring marketing results, the firm combines in-depth analysis of each company's situation with unparalleled industry expertise to achieve the best solutions available.

Raab Associates publishes the annual VEST Report, the most comprehensive marketing automation report available, based on nearly 200 data points covering features, technology, services, and resources of marketing automation vendors.

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