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June 1, 2021
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May 20, 2021

How Partner Automation Gives FireMon Extra Punch in Cybersecurity

How Partner Automation Gives FireMon Extra Punch in Cybersecurity

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After getting by with a home-grown partner automation tech stack, FireMon switched to an Impartner professional partner automation platform. Doing so helped the company scale globally and better serve partners worldwide, says Alex Iversen, Director of Field and Channel Marketing. The company has never looked back.

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Episode Outline:

[00:06] Intro from T.C. Doyle
[00:36] Alex Iversen introduces FireMon and its competitive differentiation
[01:36] FireMon’s go-to-market strategy and the role partners play in its sales success
[03:12] What partners want from FireMon
[03:40] How automation helps partners move more nimbly
[04:50] Switching from a home grown tech stack to Impartner
[07:06] How FireMon helps partners sell and market tech-based solutions
[08:11] Unifying an asset library for partner marketing
[08:59] What Alex would do if she weren’t in channels marketing
[09:52] T.C.D.’s closing remarks


Alex Iversen
Director of Field and Channel Marketing, FireMon
TC Doyle
Director of Marketing Communications, Impartner