Webinar – Why SaaS Companies Who Ignore the Channel are at Peril
January 3, 2019
eBook – The 555 Why a Channel is Critical to Your SaaS Company
December 20, 2018


Why a Channel Is Critical to SaaS Companies

Dave R Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Impartner | Theresa Caragol, CEO/Founder, Achieve Unite

SaaS companies are exploding but those without a diverse go to market strategy risk being left behind. Both a direct AND an indirect channels are key to amplifying growth and maintaining first mover advantage, according to a bold new eBook authored by top channel strategy firm AchieveUnite. Listen to this podcast with AchieveUnite CEO Theresa Caragol and Impartner CMO Dave R Taylor as they discuss the ebook and how to get the 555 on why channels are critical to SaaS companies, how they are different and what to do about it.

Join the experts in our ‘Build a Better Channel Series’ as they break down the importance of a partner-centric approach to channel sales.

Dave R Taylor
CMO, Impartner

Theresa Caragol
CEO/Founder, Achieve Unite