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May 20, 2021
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The Top 3 Reasons Partners Don't Adopt Your Channel Marketing Solutions and What To Do About It

Glenn Robertson, CEO, PureChannels | Robb Franks, Director, Sales Engineering, Impartner

Through Channel Partner Marketing Automation (TCMA) is not new. Vendors have long hungered over the promise of amplifying their messages through partners – and protect their brand at the same time. And partners have long hungered for one thing from vendors: demand. Problem is, most vendors haven’t built their TCMA solutions from the partner up, and adoption is low. Very low. This webinar features one of the most respected channel marketing voices in the world, Glenn Robertson, CEO of Purechannels, a top global channel marketing agency on what partners are truly looking for in demand gen in 2021, and Robb Franks, Senior Director of Sales Engineering for Impartner, on how Impartner’s new TCMA solutions are so adoptable by partners, others are a TCMA-asaurus by comparison.

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Glenn Robertson
CEO, PureChannels

Robb Franks
Director, Sales Engineering, Impartner