Through-Partner Marketing

Powerfully amplify your marketing through your partners

Even your smallest partners can market like pros

Impartner’s Through-Partner Marketing module provides a powerful, fully-featured Marketing Automation Platform for your channel partners to use. Your channel marketing team can create a full library of nurturing campaigns using Impartner's Action Studio™ drag and drop interface and load them into the Partner Portal.

Where marketing is made easy for your partners

Partners simply browse through the Campaign Marketplace, select the campaign they want to execute, upload their customer list (which only they will ever have access to) and execute – all while protecting your messaging to the market and without risk to your brand. Campaigns are fully CAN-SPAM compliant, and include unsubscribe functionality, and full analytics (bounce rates, unsubscribes, read times, platforms, etc.) Leads generated through the campaigns are automatically assigned to the partner that executed the campaign, and deals won are calculated into an ROI, showing which marketing programs and partners are top performers.

Impartner Through-Partner Marketing features:

  • Full CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Unsubscribe functions
  • Full campaign execution and analytics